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  3. How many slow drops go floating on past BUT.... this one was here to stay!! 😁 🐼✨️
  4. Be careful with bot of these companies. I have an account with one that I don't use any more because of the messing going on with the RTP. The other related company spams me nearly everyday with sign up offers. Having read so many complaints about both, you'd be nuts to get involved with either. Even the affiliates are having issues getting paid by VS. Enough said. Money in, winners on long finger type Casinos.
  5. My wife stuck a fiver on foxy bingo and hit this on hypernova. 2000 X jackpot dropped in . Amazing .
  6. Last week
  7. Awesome, thanks. Love play n go games and being able to play them at 96% is the best, good on platin casino for that. Just a shame they dont release them very quickly in the UK. Amazing stream last night. And thanks for the entertainment.
  8. 500x on Reel Link King. 5 KINGS SPINNING FOR £300 from a 60p stake!
  9. 40p stake 1044x filled the full middle 😁
  10. _sNd_

    Gladiators Insane Win!

    Gladiator Legends Hacksaw Gaming 40p Stake 2,053x
  11. _sNd_

    Massive Anubis Win!

    Hand of Anubis Hacksaw Gaming 40p Stake 1,300x
  12. Temple Tumble Megaways Relax Gaming 20p Stake 1,889x
  13. Santa's Stack Relax Gaming 10p Stake 4,006x
  14. Big Bamboo Push Gaming 10p Stake 5,112x
  15. _sNd_

    Pop Goes Off!

    Pop Big Time Gaming £1.20 Stake 1,036x
  16. AJackson029

    Huge Fishin' Win!

    Fishin' Pots of Gold Gameburger Studios 10p Stake 802x
  17. Best fishing game on the Web haha
  18. Big bamboo on 10p no big pipe action but full screen almost of golden panda
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