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  2. Will is back for another Feature Buy Friday next week! The stream will feature suggestions added in the thread below. Will is going to pick one from the forum and then one himself, and repeat. At the end of the stream if the viewer picks have paid more in total than Will's picks we'll be giving out additional prizes! Just comment below with your choice of bonus buy; buys will be chosen from the thread at random. Whoever suggested the highest paying bonus at the end of the stream will win some merchandise, and anything over 1,000x bet will win Amazon Vouchers! If the same game is picked twice from the thread it will be skipped, so try to think outside the box and suggest games that we don't see all the time. Good luck. 18+ One entry per person.
  3. Hey Will can you play beast mode in the multiplier ladder please
  4. Big bass mission fishin’, coin bonus side! X
  5. Genie Jackpot wishmaker my man πŸ€™πŸ€™
  6. Game show party please Will, good luck tonight buddy
  7. Good luck will, stone gaze of medusa, if not sword of arthur
  8. Got to be Genie Jackpot Mega-Ais ... 2nd lamp ... Rub it like your life depends on it !! Good luck mate
  9. Chocolates please Will. Or Spicy Meatballs!! πŸ”₯
  10. If chosen please can you play Esqueleto explosive 2🧨 thank you x
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