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  1. Guys... The Parasaurolophus were notoriously camera shy. They would not have posed for publicity photos for Yggdrasil. Clearly in the absence of a real Parasaurolophus, they've used a Diplodocus and tried to make you all believe its a Parasaurolophus. But any aspiring paleontologist would put you right.
  2. Those are some brutal losses at 8 spins! I always gamble it. You very rarely get to 20 spins though
  3. @terrysmith if you think you have a gambling addiction, and are struggling. I'd definitely suggest Gamstop. Give it some thought. Often making the decision to stop is the hardest part.
  4. I have 4 High Stake bonuses to open at 9pm tonight. One of them is a €10 Bonus on Big Time Gaming's new release Diamond Fruits! Guess the return of THIS bonus only, and comment it below! The closest guess will win a Β£25 or currency equivalent Amazon Voucher! Good luck guys!
  5. This is strange. Have you got other accounts with White Hat Gaming Casinos? I think this has happened to Low Stake Slots recently too. I'll try and look into it mate. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. You looked back at my very first 5 on 5 at 5? Thst was on ReelKing Megaways. As for this idea... πŸ€” What would the format be?
  7. Remember guys, there will be some spot prizes dished out by myself to random people who have taken part. So keep putting your entries in for next week too 😊
  8. Darren If you're watching on a laptop and have made no changes to the setup of Youtube on your device, you should be seeing something similar to below. There is simply no need to be reading the comments on the overlay. I accept that the individual platforms will lose some comments from the other platform, but 99% of all live stream comments will be picked up in the Youtube stream as that is where the majority of the audience is. I appreciate that some people are watching on their Televisions, or are maybe watching another stream at the same time as mine, and are wanting to be active in their chat as well. That is fine, but I can't make changes for that minority, and I really have to give my attention to the majority of the audience who are enjoying the new overlay and the chance to watch more than one slot at once. Hope you understand. Will
  9. Some interesting guesses! Quite the range of guesses too πŸ˜‚
  10. This isn't really that complicated. With regard to an options pick at the start of a bonus round. Any legitimate and non-random choice will always be worth (on average) 100x [we know this on R&M MW, as this is the cost when you buy it] . Actually it will be worth 100x * RTP. So all of the choices are worth say 96x. You can then be offered choices, and technically they could make a difference to your result, but your overall average result would always be 96x. There are an infinite amount of ways to average out at 96x: A: You could have one bonus out of 100 that pays 9600x and every other bonus pays 0x. B: You could have every bonus just pay 96x. πŸ˜„ You could have half the bonuses pay 95x and half the bonuses pay 97x These examples are all indistinct in the chance it offers the player. However it might have a bearing on the real world result. At the very most, the interaction at the start of a bonus round offers a way to navigate the volatility, nothing more. If you miss your pick, and don't go back into the game round and pick it yourself, the pick can be chosen randomly. If this happened and it chose and incredibly volatile option (such as option A, above) most of the time you would get nothing back. However, one in a hundred people would come back to an absolutely massive balance. I think you should be very careful about having an "approach" or method to any of these games. At very best, you have a rough idea of how they play. I have an idea about how to play cards, and I know that a get dealt Hearts about one in every four cards, but I don't walk away from the table if I haven't seen a heart come out in 8 cards. It would make no sense. Especially if the cards are being shuffled in front of me. And the "cards" in an online slot game are being shuffled millions of times per second. The more you play, the more you will encounter these fringe scenarios: the ones where you get 10 bonuses within 50 spins; and the ones where you don't get any bonuses for 3 hours. There really cannot be any way to advantage your play or influence the overall result, because that would break the rules about how these games are produced. If you have any questions, I'm happy to explain to the best of my knowledge.
  11. Make sure to check out todays video (going live at 6pm 18/11/21). Please reply below and tell me how much you believe it cost me to collect the bonuses in todays video. I'll be giving away a Β£50 (or currency equivalent) Amazon Voucher to the closest guess. Why not use my reactions in the video to make an informed guess!
  12. Haha... I love that you're getting this NEAR MISS Gallery going. Hacksaw games are the kings of the near miss!
  13. Nice result! Can we just be clear that always picking the same ones is not any better than anything else! But glad it worked here πŸ˜‰
  14. This has been paid @Colin m. Congrats!
  15. Sammy squeezing out Donuts on the toilet 😳
  16. Happy for you mate. I'll contact you now and pay your winnings πŸ™‚
  17. Happy for you mate! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
  18. There is definitely plenty to see; plenty of free Merch to pick up; and the opportunity to meet the people that make the games! I'll be there too and happy to chat to anyone that comes along!
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