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  1. Rocket Reels Hacksaw Gaming 40p Stake 8,243x
  2. Man this was epic. 40p stake, my 3rd bonus from a £100 start. Of course I wasn't recording, but I did get the replay. Happy New Year one & all.
  3. Angry Slots

    Helios Fury Big Win

    Helios Fury Relax Gaming £1 Stake 678x
  4. I'd not heard of it before this week & it's not available on most casinos I play, but found Helios Fury on Videoslots. Tossed £100 at it for a bit of craic. 100 spins @50p, then 100@80p, it held balance. Raised it to £1 & it bonused quickly. I was £3 in front in the base before the bonus hit. Hat tip to the Maestro, he knows his slots. I think I might invest in a 'hideous' amount of food next 😉
  5. Congrats Will & team, you sorely deserved this. Lifetime achievement to appear on livestream is amazing, you must be buzzing. It'll be interesting watching you top this stream :)
  6. Absolutely loved this. You should write some more reviews, they'd be a great read I must admit, I love Cyberslot Megaclusters, but that could be tainted by an occasional 1500x win along the way.
  7. That's a fairly comprehensive screenshot there HeyMo 😅
  8. I had a situation earlier where someone misunderstood & thought they had won a fairly substantial prize. They hadn't, their name was just similar. It's very easy to just disregard people, to laugh it off, but stop & think for just a moment. What if that person were struggling at the moment? What if the perceived prize was more need than want? What if this prize was a life-changer right at this moment? What if they were at rock bottom, and they had a momentary lapse because of their desperate need? Maybe it wasn't a simple misunderstanding? It got me thinking a little as I approached how to settle the situation (it was easily sorted, and all went well, thankfully). ALWAYS be kind, you simply never know the situation of someone online. We can all perceive what we want, but we're very likely to judge others by our own life situation, and perhaps not consider an alternative. A simple lack of tact online can hurt those who aren't in a good place. We've all suffered some problems with these past months of lockdown etc. Stop, think & don't just go half-cocked. The lack of context online can cause us to behave rashly, abruptly, when more is needed. We can all take just a little more care, to counter this lack of context the online world offers. Peace out & good luck all x.
  9. What a legendary stream that was last night. I'd bonus hunt a big portion of it, and the bonus buy the rest. Surely that should see it through wagering that's left? Don't go mad with those expensive buys, there's good fun to be had spinning the Kong wheel etc. It seems a crazy amount of cash for a single stream, so keep the maestro calm at all times. 😄 Good luck to you, this is fully deserved for all your work.
  10. Jammin' Jars Push Gaming 40p Stake 1,733x
  11. Not even recording, I was just trying out a new casino over the weekend. The 4 landed very close & all 4 hit together at least once. Most of the dosh was earned in the 1st spin, and the last 2 were pence. Had they moved a little better, this could've been HUGE!!.
  12. I'm not a big fan of the game, but Will's due a good hit on it. I'm guessing €1332.96
  13. Angry Slots

    Full Screen Lions!

    Book of Sheba iSoftBet 20p Stake 2,096x
  14. I watched outside today, so wasn't able to get involved in chat. I think you've summed it up well though, people's perceptions are a little harsh maybe. How many times have people bonussed Donuts to get their big win? What did you expect from a signature Megaways from the most volatile slot-maker around? The game screams potential to me, and Will did his best to explain that to some who made a quick judgement of the game. There will be a lot of big wins on this game. Those will be all that's remembered, like all the rest. Nobody wants to know about our ongoing battles with Donuts zero bonuses 🙂 I'll have no qualms about including this in Megaways Hunts, when it's fully released, It'll deliver an occasional monster, which is what we all seek. That Will screams a little when it hits....is just a bonus 😄
  15. Nice final spin on Book of Sheba. Turned a £19 bonus into £419. A neat 2096x on 20p stake.
  16. 22 spins, he'll return €489.48
  17. €4,565 I'm afraid. I'd like to think one or more of those will go off, but there'll be some let-downs. Good luck.
  18. in honour of Will's 1k Buffalo Rising hit. You know Will could do this dance, and probably has.
  19. I'm going for €6264, but I think he'll save the profit win for Party Casino. Man keeps finding random games to hit big on. Good luck, I hope I'm low by 300%.
  20. Yours is a good community because it lets streamers (who are also viewers) & viewers mix freely, so communication is good & understanding of each other better, Please smack me down any time you feel I'm self-promoting btw, it's certainly not meant that way. 🤭 I simply find this forum to be the best people mix.
  21. Any casino operating under UKGC rules is frightened for their license, so they over-play compliance. I'd imagine it can seem like they are trying to screw you out of cash, but the reality is, your cash is small fry in the scheme of things with such large businesses. It makes no sense for them to lose credibility (which is a big thing in the gambling industry) over a grand, when it could cost them many hundreds of thousands, should their reputation get tarnished. I'd pretty much trust any casino with a UKGC licensce, or an MGA one for that matter. Most times I hear of disputes, they are more to do with poor customer service, but that can also come from not addressing customer service staff properly, or not complying fully with what strict regulations demand of them. They are slaves to their compliance units, and there's not a customer service agent in the country who'll argue the toss with them. I get an occasional query from people who have an issue, and I've asked questions on their behalf on occasion. The result has always been the same, the T&C's have been broken, and a ruling made by the Casino compliance dept. If you find there's one you don't like, or that doesn't deal with you as quickly as you like, you can move to a multitude of other decent casinos. I've never had trouble withdrawing from any. I've triggered their need for verification & it's been slow at some sites (bigger ones oddly). I don't think it's down to anyone promoting them to be held responsible for a specific instance or a customer service issue. That's like holding a shopkeeper responsible for your Mars Bar having nuts in it. Bonus buys are probably a bad thing for the wider gambling commuity, as the vulnerable could find them damaging. I kinda see where UKGC came from there, but as a streamer, they save a serious lot of mundane spinning to make content, which takes up a serious amount of the day. When the auto spins disappear, I'll have some serious decisions to make regarding location.
  22. No hassle with this type, Charlie 🙂 They sing all day, it makes a coffee in the garden a very pleasant experience.
  23. So "Elvis" the canary. He's also a rescue. I had to build 16 new cages, as I took on a dozen canaries a breeder was going to "cull". He had too many males, but they're the chaps who sing, so all good.
  24. I'm a sucker for any dog, but that little sausage fellah would have me twisted round his proverbial finger.
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