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  1. think golden duke may run at beverley 3.05 Sunday
  2. One of my Blackpool pleasure beach donkeys finally wins a race hope you had the fiver on it Charlie....had £40 on it so a nice little boom
  3. newts1964

    Athena Pays

    Rise of Athena Play'n GO £5 Stake 167x
  4. newts1964

    Joe Exotic Goes Huge

    Joe Exotic Red Tiger Gaming 40p Stake 1,489x
  5. newts1964

    Opal +5 Dream

    Opal Fruits Big Time Gaming £1 Stake 434x
  6. newts1964

    Triple x6!

    Danger High Voltage Big Time Gaming £3 Stake 162x
  7. if not too late can you play wubba for lucy newts bday
  8. had the opal with plus five with £30 left and first time I'd played Joe exotic and rise of athena,great birthday booms I'm sure the wife will be celebrating her day in style
  9. got two donkeys Will our first purchase came a very close second today I think it will win soon on today's performance....Golden Duke is at Ripon tmoz
  10. I think another one of my Blackpool donkeys is running on Saturday called Golden Duke...surely it can't be any worse than the other one
  11. had a few bonuses on it and for a long time held the balance really well,think my best was 100x but there's massive potential in the game and I'm sure I'll have another pop at it
  12. Mr & Mrs Newts Big Bad Wolf and Froggers slots....was so bloody hot in that outfit
  13. Wild Flower Big Time Gaming 20p Stake 3,329x
  14. newts1964

    Wild flower

    finally found a site to play it on and boom ....I'll take it ,well the mrs will
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