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  1. Hi all, having issues with YouTube so we are carrying on over at https://www.twitch.tv/hideous_slots
  2. Signed up to regent and deposited
  3. Legion X Nolimit City 80p Stake 333x
  4. Primal Megaways Blueprint Gaming 80p Stake 346x
  5. It’s sad to say this is my biggest hit on primal lol
  6. Not the biggest hit but this slot deffo has potential for us in UK it’s so refreshing to see a enjoyable No Limit City slot for all
  7. Omg that had me dying, he was only stuck till about 11:10pm 🤣🤣🤣that was the most funniest stream I’ve ever seen
  8. My friend streamed last night in the first £200 of ripping in a bonus hunt he got 1 bonus on 20p stake. The bonus being golden colts. Nothing he played bonused . Normally expect a min of 10 bonuses in the first £200. Last year on a £600 deposit we would collect around 40 low stake bonuses. Which often lead to profit. Now on a £1000 deposit we get 30 odd bonuses never paying back in profit infact normally a loss of around £300. UK have ruined casinos and taking the enjoyment out of the slots. My other friend as I do have a couple of friends is not in the UK and manages around 35 bonuses on a 500 dollar deposit on stakes of 40 - 50p it just shows you we are all being had over.
  9. Hi Mate so what happens is they will reset the Slot they will contact the provider and they will check what the bonus actually paid. They will then credit your account with the funds. Ive had this happen on a few slots. Sometimes its quickly resolved but may take up to 28 days.
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