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  1. I think the game has great potential and as like other slots you are always going to have days when you have no luck with them! I think we will see some great wins on this slot when the spicy meatballs work together and hearing will in the background makes it entertaining haha! Unfortunately people see a bad streak on a slot and automatically assume it’s rubbish but that is not always the case and I don’t think it is with this one!
  2. Looked like a great game with so much potential! Wills look made it seem even better though
  3. @Chloe I can’t help but laugh every time I watch it 🤣
  4. Like the new game and so much potential of spicy wins!! I think wills wig made it seem even better though
  5. I’m working till 10 🙄 and town is full of strange people haha
  6. Haha yeah tbf it wasn’t your fault!! And yes you have calmed a little bit 😙
  7. Not with your language you couldn’t 😂😂
  8. This video is a good example of why we call her Phil Mitchell .. I’m sure she actually sounds more of a man than him though 🤔 haha
  9. Sorry .... Not sorry @Maria 🤣🤣
  10. @pirotta666 go on YouTube and search Maria and Emma singing oh happy days that is enough to put anyone off coming to whitby 🤣🤣
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