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  1. I was watching this stream and everything @chloe has said is 100% correct. The initial balance that could have been cashed out after wagering was lost, redeposit was then made with 100% match which obviously has wagering attached this is normal practice!! It just seems to be at the minute that if you can't find any for want of a better word "dirt" on a streamer then its ok to just make something up!
  2. I'm going to say £137 but I hope it goes massive for you m8! Fluffy favourites MW you really are a legend lol Goodluck 👍
  3. Goodluck tonight Will and 2Jags! If this comes out Will then you pick a slot you like to play, Spicy cashout incoming 🤞
  4. Bob Slots

    Gaming Chair

    I would like Shycharlie removed from this competition please!!🤣🤣 p.s I don't want the Chair just here to give Charlie some abuse!! Mr 463 posters🤣
  5. East Coast vs West Coast for me! You will see why on Mondays upload 😉😁
  6. Oi Oi, Website is class guys hard work paying off😀 Good luck for tomorrow night Will 🤞
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