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  1. Well done Colin have a great Christmas to you and your family
  2. Building snowman with the children then hot chocolate marshmallows for them brandy for me hehe they were the days
  3. Well done will 2 jags Chloe what a great 66 k payout on 2 euros stake wow fantastic enjoy have fun
  4. well done will on huge win hope you will do something nice with some of the winning is there a Sunday slot on 10 October if so can I have mustang money please once again we’ll done
  5. Hi will Chloe how was the casino you visited were many playing slots was there good slots how did the casino differ from those in uk most importantly did you enjoy and did you show a profit
  6. Hi will sorry I didn’t enjoy this game too expensive to land the bonus the coin game could have been even better thought it might have been a stick and hold but it wasn’t shame but the times it did come up paid more then some of the bonuses including the buy bonus 500 euros return 20euros that was disgraceful well done will on showing us this game Thankyou take care one and all
  7. Jfh

    Volatile Viking

    Well done will 2 jags on your Vikings giveaway well done great idea to all the winners both monetary and merchandise congratulations to those who were not successful in winning this time enjoy the stream that’s what we turn up for the giveaway is purely a bonus so well done again to will and 2 jags for coming up with idea
  8. Hi will Chloe I hope your both enjoying your time in Barcelona just finished watching volatile Viking what a massive hit well done have a great few days before you come home take care to you;both be happy keep safe see you on your next stream
  9. Happy 40th birthday enjoy have a great day
  10. Jfh

    Goodies return

    Hi will after watching your stream I think this new version is a lot more difficult to get bonuses and bonuses that make it worthwhile after.being 1200 euros down it suddenly came to life the frateli bonus was by far the best and I think could go really well the guy falling off the rope made it different very few decent wins in the base or bonus rounds I don’t think it’s worth playing stick to the original goonies I wonder why they removed the gamble exchange from new game ? take care hope you didn’t miss much at the meeting Enjoy your break
  11. I hope you get it sorted quickly it’s hard enough to get enough of a win to make a withdrawal worth while I would have thought a verification of who you are name age etc etc before you started to gamble as you could have been a minor anyway good luck
  12. Good morning will Chloe 2 jags is there a bonus hunt on Friday 17th September if so can I say 1952 Thankyou have a great time away to Chloe and yourself have a fun time
  13. Thor mega waves please will
  14. Jfh


    Hi good morning will I enjoyed the chili megaways especially as the best bonuses were the ones that came natural instead of bonus buying I thought the opening trailer was very good comical and a great way to start the stream well done again very entertaining have a great day see you Wednesday take care say hi to Chloe and 2jags (expect 2 jags will be ready for a rest after his trip with the children they are back at school now time to relax hehe)
  15. hi will Thankyou for playing mustang money on Sunday slots sorry it. Lost a little have a great week
  16. Thankyou will Chloe 2 jags for my birthday greetings now let’s have a mustang money bonus cheers From John
  17. well done will on a great turnaround ending up I. Profit nice to see Chloe managed to pop in have a great evening take care to you all
  18. A favourite bread roll make your bread dough 490 grams bread flour half teaspoon salt 3 teaspoon dried yeast 2 dessert spoon sugar place all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl in a measuring jug put 150ml hot water 2oz butter when butter melted add 150ml fresh milk add the jug of liquid to the dry ingredients and mix when dough leaves the bowl clean then put into bowl cover and leave to rise when double in size put onto flour worktop cut dough into 8 pieces roll out then in the middle put your filling grated cheese and tomato make dough into a parcel fold side over then the other side then roll bottom to top so looks like a cigarette shape seal with meted butter you can make any filling tuna .cheese ,pizza flavour,sausage,chicken ,bacon (for sausage chicken and bacon cook before putting into the bread ) brush top with melted butter cover and allow to rise (double the size) then put into pre heated oven 225degrees middle rack for 10-15 minutes when nice and golden take out put on wire rack brush with melted butter leave to cool before you eat one Enjoy
  19. Hi will Chloe 2 Jags a good stream bonuses were. Very thin on the. Ground I laughed when you gave out gate no to the kabab house land he asked if ok to give restaurant your phone no I was waiting thinking you would just say what it was forgetting you were live on stream hehe enjoy what’s happened to the good old fish and chip shops (the one that do fish, pies ,battered sausage,)
  20. Hi will Chloe will there be a bonus hunt guess tonight (Friday September 3rd ) if so may I guess 1952 please Thankyou very much be safe and happy enjoy your weekend take care as always
  21. Hi will Chloe 2 Jags can I have mustang money please was thinking about Thai flower megawave But went bak to old faithful (like a old pair of slippers you know you should get new ones but you keep putting it off hehe ) have a great evening full of profit Thankyou will
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