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  1. Hi had a great birthday went to Brighton really warm laid on the beech my daughter in law had a freshly cooked doughnut on the pier the seagull came down and whipped it from her hand before she took a bite hehe a few days earlier we were in Worthing she had a icecream shell a seagull swooped down on that and took it she was not amused we all found it funny her expression well that my birthday over for another year take care one and all lots of gaming luck
  2. Good morning to you all well start of my birthday day my ideal day is Breakfast at weatherspoon (great value enjoyable) then Brighton beech fish and chips on the beech and icecream 99 walking through the lanes and the old part of Brighton then home as all my children coming over for dinner a great day will be had by all raise your glass cheers ( I might be able to take part in the forum as much as I used to but always watch your slots ) good luck one and all have a fun day from me to you all
  3. Good luck will and fruity slots on your new venture may it bring you all much happiness good luck well done agai;
  4. Jfh

    I am back

    Nice to be back thankyou watching the big time gaming slot at the moment hope will will do well nice to hear your voice in the background come to the front
  5. Hi will Chloe pits been a long while since last chatted firstly well done with the exciting competition your running I very rarely see you live but still watch every stream you do the highs and the lows always entertaining well done it’s nice to hearChloe in the background keeping you in line hehe With you and bandit (now back ) I have fun watching you both did you see his last stream when he had a HUGE win it was great have fun enjoy
  6. Good morning what happened will you missing your flight was it your fault thinking you had time for one more chat on the phone instead of going to the gate how often do you hear mr? Mrs? Please hurry to your gate the flight is waiting you see them get on carrying a duty free bag totally inconsiderate all the flight waiting for people well done Ryanair next time Will maybe you will get there earlier when out on package holiday you always get people being inconsiderate keeping everyone waiting I hate late no need for it
  7. Hi will Chloe mo Charlie 2 jags and 2 all fellow watchers of hideous it’s been a while since I last messaged I still watch all the ups and downs of the slots what a great win the other day that turned all around for him last time I messaged I was saying I was doing the making of English bread pies etc those I served said they enjoyed (that was great I knew they would ) people have said I should open a English restaurant they said it would do well but with the cost of the rent it’s a dream for the future I have now increased the distance I cycle every morning to 25 kilometres it’s great first thing of a morning the clean air and a breeze makes you feel good good for my asthma hooray for that well we now have a new president bong bong Ferdinand Marcos ( the son of dictator Marcos and Imelda (200 pairs of shoes) )he won by a landslide 31 million votes next candidates 18 million (president Deturtes daughter is Vice President) will it make any difference to the ordinary people of the Philippines time will tell will it make any difference to the expats I don’t think so we will see will said he was moving house moving from the view of that lovely lake hope he has a nice place and great neighbours (tollerent of his shouting hehe) hope the new house brings him great joy happiness health and many jackpots with your summer just around the corner enjoy have fun from me to you all
  8. It’s Cheltenham week with the gold cup on Friday thursday st Patrick day Guinness for breakfast with your bacon eggs my wife and I used to go every year fit the whole 5 days of racing my daughter lives in Gloucester so we would stay there and go racing seeing the royal procession having bet on colour of the queen hat a winner or 2 great atmosphere the Irish would normally win the first race on the Tuesday line there pockets for the week of Guinness and gambling a great week go savor the flavour get there early my picks Tuesday 1~30 dysart dynamo 5-30 run wild Fred wednesday 2-50 unexpected party 4-10 tiger roll Friday gold cup Manila indo and protektorat enjoy have fun
  9. Just finished watching your 5 on 5 video what a fun game and a great profit I hope this is the turnaround for you have a great fun week
  10. Don’t forget the flowers chocolates for your loved one enjoy valentines with the one you love cheers have fun
  11. Happy Birthday Tim enjoy your birthday mines a pint hehe cheers
  12. Cooking English food promoting good English food a alien card is very similar to American green card it means I can come stay in the Philippines permanently without having to renew my visa every year also can own a house run a business
  13. The English chef is what I have decided to call my little home business January was our first month 8 orders Feb 1 order so far so all is looking good at least I have something to do which is most important keep a working brain and the body will carry on working the weather here is warm and dry so that’s good for my asthma which is great started watching will on utube and he said the video I was watching was 24th February hehe realised then it was a old one thought I lost February as well hehe the casino near me is now open again so. Once I have paid for my alien card in March I will go and see if I recoup some of the cost have a fun month hopefully you will all have lots of profitabile slot sessions have fun stay safe happy and caring from me to all
  14. Hi to you all well January is nearly over no idea where it went I watched the big wins from last stream you did well sorry to hear you have been sick glad your well on the way to full recovery I am even more happy that 2 jags is still part of the team it would be like losing one of the 3 musketeers will Chloe 2 jags when you don’t see someone around for a while you wonder what happened glad he is spending time with his family hope to see him in the forum from time to time Well as for me life here in the Philippines is good nice warm weather (so my asthma is good hooray ) though like the rest of the world we have had lockdown ever ending spiral of things food electric gas all gone up and my medication gone up it’s about time that these people that are putting up the prices start to say why (raw material gone up expenses gone up twaddle someone somewhere is saying we lost a lot through the pandemic now we need to satisfy the stockholders) enough of my moaning horseracing has been back for a while now but all betting stations are closed so you have to go to the track 3hours there longer coming home at least depending on the track could be longer I sit at home watching horse racing my selections are winning no bet well that’s the way it goes casinos too far to get to so for now make do watching will I started my own home business The English Chef just doing bits and pieces to keep me occupied 5 large orders in the 1st month hooray especially as only have small kitchen it’s a start well that’s it from me to you all have fun keep well keep safe be happy
  15. Time to get ready to welcome in a new year full of wonderment what will it bring peace harmony happiness and a few good wins take care enjoy to all at hideous casino fun laughter a few drinks is on the menu and no New Year’s Day hangover hehe enjoy from me here in the Philippines
  16. as Christmas Day Boxing Day gone for another year we now look forward to welcoming 2022 saying goodbye to 2021 and thanking the good lord for all the good that has happened to us this year and to promise that all the things that were not so good this year we will learn from our mistakes and not repeat them how many of us will make the new promise to do something will we stick to it a lot probably not but for those that do well done what will I hope for in the year that my new venture making English breads pastries in tha Philippines will be a success if so it will show your never too old to follow your dreams (70 years old this year ) to be more tolerant with people especially if they are late (that will be hard to keep but will try ) what will you try and give up or promises to keep may everyone find great health happiness and good fortune be happy in all you do from me to you all HAPPY NEW YEAR hello 2022 welcome into our lives
  17. Jfh


    Christmas week is here time to:get your last gifts and food for the big day let’s end the year on a happy note any bridges to mend be the first to mend those bridges enough loneliness and heartache in the world sorry is only a small word but some find it so difficult to say right or wrong it doesn’t matter the only thing that matters is you start 2022 knowing you ended 2021 on a mission of love forgiveness and hope stay safe enjoy the festivities that Christmas brings remember those people that have no one or anything a neighbour maybe or a stranger happy Christmas will make there day kindness to one and all from me to you HAPPY CHRISTMAS
  18. Well done Colin have a great Christmas to you and your family
  19. Building snowman with the children then hot chocolate marshmallows for them brandy for me hehe they were the days
  20. Well done will 2 jags Chloe what a great 66 k payout on 2 euros stake wow fantastic enjoy have fun
  21. well done will on huge win hope you will do something nice with some of the winning is there a Sunday slot on 10 October if so can I have mustang money please once again we’ll done
  22. Hi will Chloe how was the casino you visited were many playing slots was there good slots how did the casino differ from those in uk most importantly did you enjoy and did you show a profit
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