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  1. Sorry Will ..sorry Chloe it was just banter...sorry I offended anyone
  2. Phew!! BTG said they will give me 10k for keeping my mouth shut.... looks like I won ....goodluck all 😄
  3. Always be careful when resetting a game ..sometimes it will put your stake at £2 😄
  4. its all over folks , I have 32,311x win which will be submitted Sunday....hope I dont forget to post it 😄
  5. my bollocks are donuts if anyone wants to make a hole in em 🙂
  6. 373.4 x marc claydon ,uk rainbow, riches casino 8/11/21
  7. I hate Diamond mine .... (probably its music that winds me up) playboy slot I will never touch (it for girls) .. jammin jars I never play (just rips the balance) Pragmatic slots I tend to avoid as they rip you bad too
  8. Im withholding my 5876 X win till Sunday just incase I beat it 😄
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