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  1. On Twitter he says he's starting the stream between 7:30 & 8 but nothing yet...
  2. Or is YouTube making it difficult to find again as usual?
  3. That's not bad actually. I definitely think it needs some text as well, maybe Spicy Meatballs! on the chest where you covered over a logo, and if you used the meatball graphics from the game I think it would be a winner. It all depends what Will & 2jags thinks hopefully they'd like the idea
  4. How about on the front at the bottom in the middle (the part which covers one's knackers) is 2 flaming meatballs and on the back is www.hideousslots.com in smallish letters just below the neckline. Maybe you could put 'great balls of fire!' next to the meatballs, or maybe have a clump of spaghetti incorporated into the design to suggest pubic hair. I think the 2 meatballs by themselves on fire would pretty funny 😁
  5. What about those old school temporary tattoos? Or maybe iron on t-shirt designs like from the 90s?
  6. Hahaha X-D Pixelate the faces? Also can I have the link to your OnlyFans? 😍
  7. Signed naked polaroids of you & Will.
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