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  1. Best thing about winter. Keeps the little cunts off the streets. To cold for them. After a life of gaming and no sports. Not like my youth hide and seek and football on icy fields. And being a Catholic. School in shorts even when snowing.
  2. Good luck. Read your go fund me page. Hope you get the help mate. As someone who has depression and anxiety myself. I know how you feel.
  3. On checking your other posts. Every win comes in the 1st 10 mins you play a game. That includes playing the game and bonus played. Every time. It shows under 10 mins played. Very suspect.
  4. Why does the time in the bottom left say. You've only been playing 5 mins. And on your other post. It shows only 9 mins. So in this in 5 mins you got a bonus. Played the bonus. And took a picture all in 5 mins. And did all the same in 9 mins. On your other post. I'm smelling something fishy 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠
  5. I love your tips Charles. Can't do the sheff utd. Norwich wins tho. No way.
  6. Great Post. Until you started knocking us plebs that drink in weatherspoons. We don't all like £80 bottles of vinegar piss. That the pretentious says taste good. Just cos of price 🤣🤣. The world is built on working class, not CEOs. That dress in women's clothes and get there wives to wear strap ons on there days off. But I'm sure your weatherspoons jibe was a joke. Like my reply 🙄
  7. Aztec gold megaways. Extra gold version. Cheers will 👍
  8. I have a question. If they use a brand name like goonies or topcoat. Or if they use songs like final countdown. Does it cost a lot more to make that kind of slot. Than a random one like wild frames. And is the cost higher to the casino to use the slot. Or is it some way put on the players in the form of more money going in before good bonuses. Hope you understand all that Will 👍
  9. Plus what's good about these 4 are. You never get any haters in the chat. Iv never seen anyone in wills chat say they hate Steve, Darren or Jimbo. Were as there's other content providers that split opinion ie. Chip. Also all 4 have unique personalities. And Will gets on with them. Anyway I can live in hope. 👍
  10. £1100 But hopes he gets a lot more Good luck will
  11. 500x Disregard this post. I got confused 🤣
  12. Told you Italy win on pens lol got 14.1 on that 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  13. Best idea. Enjoy the game. Just put 2 bets on Italy 1.0 And ital win on pens.
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