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  1. Hot Fiesta Pragmatic Play 35p Stake 360x
  2. Fortune of Giza Pragmatic Play 20p Stake 570x
  3. Pragmatics are paying at the moment. 570x yesterday, 370x tonight https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/73r2QhkXpg
  4. Found this new Pragmatic Slot on Coral tonight called Fortune of Giza. Good ol 20p spins lands 570x in the bonus. https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/Ii8izdXr2n
  5. Bounty Gold Pragmatic Play 25p Stake 1,465x
  6. Thanks guys, hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to the next stream.
  7. This is my biggest win to date. 1465x on Pragmatics Bounty Gold. I only ever spin small stakes 25-30p max so this is huge for me, and my biggest ever x win to date! Will, if you need the full video, let me know and I will send you the full video capture.
  8. Fire Forge please. If it bonuses, go with the 6 spins
  9. 4284... Not sure why my first attempt posted the whole thread. First time in the forum 😂
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