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  1. 37.92 but I hope it’s much much more, good luck
  2. I would sing to Will, as he always sings for us.
  3. One dollar and fitty sense
  4. I love Winter because I have to go in the loft to get winter clothes, because one wardrobe isn’t big enough for winter and summer clothes, and I lovvvvvvvve going in the loft. Love it
  5. All the best mate. The best team, doing the best streams, only right you get the best wins. Much love.
  6. Wild Chapo please Will 👍🏼
  7. Wild Chapo of course, bombs away! No, no, not away, bombs here there and everywhere!
  8. James

    T-Shirt Ideas

    🤌 that would be SPICY! cheers
  9. James

    T-Shirt Ideas

    Boom! The photoshop master strikes again. you’re welcome DJBlackpudding
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