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  1. Sports Betting £20 Stake 12x
  2. $20 Free bonus bet. Listened to the race live on the radio in the car as we were having a day out. The mrs and I screamed it in from a tidy fourth place and outside as they came around the final and the passing lane opened up. Cashout. Get in.
  3. Hi all. Have recently become bored with slots, and in the last couple of weeks they have lost their fun. I've decided to have a proper go at punting on some Harness Racing. I have enjoyed it the dozen or so times I've been to the races and find that the TAB (New Zealand betting agency) have a really good simple form / bet guide. While I haven't had any major wins etc,, I have had what feels like a good rate of success on said nights at the races. Is anyone else here new to Harness Racing? I know enough basics to get me started and ALWAYS ask if I don't know something. I'd be really keen for anyone who is keen to give me what pics they would make, based off the same form guide as I have, and compare our pics and perhaps discuss further why....Hopefully this can lead on to further learning around what type of bet to place on certain pics any why. Please; I don't want your pics so I can punt on them and if it makes the difference I'm willing for the sake of learning to do this based on races that have already run, It's just simply around learning, comparing and discussing. If it matters the TAB is owned and governed by the New Zealand Government and as far as I believe is the only licensed betting agency here in NZ. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Jon.
  4. Hey Will & Team. Can I please suggest Bar X Safecracker Megaways or if that's not available Black Gold 2 Megaways. Good luck from New Zealand.
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