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  1. Pacman0089

    Santa Goes Huge!

    Santa's Stack Relax Gaming 20p Stake 1,542x
  2. Out of season but hey a win is a win 😁
  3. Marching Legions Relax Gaming 20p Stake 1,532x
  4. 1st time ever playing this 😊 happy days off 20p
  5. Wow what a hit. Nice one mate 👍
  6. True Grit Redemption Nolimit City 20p Stake 5,235x
  7. Pacman0089

    True grit

    This was in one hit in the bonus. Only deposited 10 pound. Yeeeesssss 😳
  8. Razor shark for me. Always looking for that god role bonus
  9. Bounty Gold Pragmatic Play £1 Stake 760x
  10. Manged to unlock all reels. Nice payout 😊
  11. Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways Fantasma Games 60p Stake 816x
  12. Thanks will for playing this in one of your videos had no idea it existed. Had a go got a nice win in the bonus and manged to kill Dracula 1st try 😊
  13. I love the whole atmosphere of winter and the build up to Christmas. Also my twin girls are the age age now where they can participate and aprecite Halloween, fireworks and of course Christmas. I just find it a general feel good season. For a short time all of the nonsense, madness and stresses fade and everyone seems in better spirits
  14. Coywolf Cash Play'n GO 20p Stake 778x
  15. All won in a single spin. Took me by suprise
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