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  1. Chloe

    I am back

    Good to see you back again!
  2. Chloe

    Yes pliz

    We only give the hoodies away in giveaways and we didn't go calendars this year, but if you send an email to *****@*****.tld they'll be able to send you something!
  3. Hi everyone. This was played on stream earlier, and the winners were as follows: First Place (winning a £250 Amazon Voucher) - @MarcusPilk Second Place (winning a £100 Amazon Voucher) - @superdave Highest Paying Bonus (winning a £50 Amazon Voucher) - @Mark22 Lowest Paying Bonus (winning a Hideous Slots hoodie) - @Badger Badgerton I have sent the first 3 winners their vouchers to the email address registered on the forum, and emailed the fourth for details to send the hoodie. Thanks everyone for entering!
  4. To celebrate the release of Whacked from Nolimit City, we're going to be running a Viewers Slot Battle on the stream tonight, 23rd May - and it's completely free to enter. To enter, you simply have to comment within this thread and let us know your favourite Nolimit City release. We'll pick 16 qualifying entrants using a random number picker, and these 16 will face off against each other in a knockout tournament. During the tournament, qualifying entrants will be paired off and receive a bonus buy on Whacked for a cost of €88 (€1 stake). The person with the highest paying bonus (times bet) will proceed to the next stage. This will continue until we have just one winner remaining. Prizes are as follows: First Place - £250 Amazon Voucher Second Place - £100 Amazon Voucher Highest Paying Bonus (times bet) - £50 Amazon Voucher Lowest Paying Bonus (times bet) - Hideous Slots Hoodie Please note we only have XL or XXL hoodies remaining in stock. If the hoodie winner cannot have their size accommodated, we will substitute with a difference piece of merchandise. Additionally, we are only awarding one prize per person - if the winner of a times bet prize has came in first or second place, we will move to the next winner. Entry will close at 20:59 on 23 May 2023 and the tournament will begin at 21:15, after qualifying entrants have been drawn. Only ONE ENTRY is permitted per person. Any user who enters the tournament more than once will be disqualified. Good luck! Terms and Conditions: 18+. One entry per person. One prize per person. GDPR related to this tournament is accepted upon entry. Names and other personal information are used for competition purposes only. Entry will close 23 May 2023 at 20:59. Tournament will commence 23 May 2023 at 21:15. Players must be registered on Hideous Slots forum in order to enter or claim a prize. This promotion is subject to change with no notice.
  5. This is insane - congrats!
  6. Chloe


  7. Yes we did April on the old thread and @Gandy Andy was our winner there. I will need everyone’s scores for May though!
  8. Don't forget everyone you can also join Fruity Slots forum and enter this tournament again using your username there. You can only win one prize, but it does offer a second chance to secure that prize. Just make sure you complete your sign up over there, as the winners will be checked. Visit their thread - here.
  9. Hi everyone. This bonus returned a disappointing €75.75 so the winner was @markbuck with a guess of €78 - just €2.25 away. I've send Mark his Amazon Gift Card to the email address he has registered on the forum. Thanks everyone for guessing!
  10. Guess the cash return of tonight’s Millionaire Megaways bonus and the closest guess will win a £50 Amazon Voucher. The stake is €5, and there are 10 spins. One guess per person!
  11. Chloe


    😂😂 haha I forgot about the swimsuit
  12. Chloe


    This is it - https://streamlabs.com/hideous_slots/merch. It's even the old logo haha. We don't have anything to do it with it though - it's all made, sent, and delivered through Streamlabs so if something were to go wrong we can't help anyone who uses it!
  13. Chloe


    Haha! I think we do actually have a StreamLabs one but we started getting the merch made ourselves and kind of forgot about it!
  14. Mega Heist FREE TO ENTER Tournament We are teaming up with Relax Gaming and inviting you all to enter a tournament on their new game Mega Heist, with £1000 worth of Amazon Vouchers to be won! With a unique chase style bonus on offer, Mega Heist is a highly volatile release offering a fixed RTP of 96.19% and wins up to 16,591x bet. To enter this tournament, click the 'Play Now' button below and enter your first name and your Hideous Slots forum username. After entering your information, click 'Play' and you'll be given 200 spins to play through - completely free. Once you've completed your 200 spins, your score will be recorded in the Leaderboard. Spins will end after 200, and the score will be automatically added to the Leaderboard. This tournament will begin at 00:00 BST on 9th May 2023 and will end at 23:59 BST on 14th May 2023. There are 10 x £100 Amazon Vouchers available. This prize pool will be split between Hideous Slots forum and Fruity Slots forum, so players with an account on both forums can enter twice, but can only win one prize. Winners will be announced on Friday 19th May 2023, and vouchers will be credited over the following week. How to Enter: Click the 'Play Now' button below to take part in the Tournament. Enter your name and your Hideous Slots forum username. Click 'Play'. Play through 200 Free Spins. Return to the Leaderboard or close the window. The Leaderboard will only display the top 30 scores, but all scores will be registered. Only ONE ENTRY is permitted per person per forum. Any user who enters the tournament more than once per forum will be disqualified. Terms and Conditions: 18+. One prize per person. GDPR related to this tournament is accepted upon entry. Names and other personal information are used for competition purposes only. Tournament on Mega Heist Video Slot (by Relax Gaming). Tournament runs strictly between 00:00 BST on 9th May 2023 until 23:59 BST on 14th May 2023. Players must be registered on Hideous Slots forum with the username used to play in order to claim a prize. This promotion is subject to change with no notice.
  15. Hi everyone. Unfortunately this bonus disappeared - we think maybe it paid out during the stream and no one noticed, because it wasn't there when Will went back to open it. Clearly it wasn't a huge win if we didn't even see the balance visibly improve haha. Anyway, to try and be fair Will used a random number picker on stream tonight to pick someone in the thread and it came out number 14 - so @TeamDave has won the £50 voucher. Quite fitting since Dave is the reason Will played Invisible Man. I have now sent Dave his voucher.
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