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    Lucky run

    Unreal - congrats! Withdraw it and treat yourself 🙂
  2. Chloe

    Mug and t shirt

    Send an email to 2jags@hideousslots.com - he'll send a mug to you, but I'm not sure if we're sending t-shirts out at the minute or if we have any left! But he'll defo sort a mug and let you know about any other merch.
  3. If you're used to Temple Tumble Megaways, it can feel a bit odd at first to remember the cluster pays mechanic that is active in Cluster Tumble – you might find yourself looking for symbols in the wrong place. However, once that initial confusion is quickly removed, Cluster Tumble has all the makings of a great edition to this series. Action packed with a fast pace, there's always something happening, particularly now with Special Stone Blocks to amp up that excitement. Continuing with what has already been developed from the team, removing all stone blocks triggers free spins, so that gives us something else to look out for, although as with most tumble releases so far, it feels like the wins are quite low, at least until we can activate a multiplier. I'm not quite sure why we now also have the option to land 3 Scatter symbols to trigger the feature, but it is there, so if you prefer the more traditional trigger, you'll be kept happy in this new release. Audiovisuals are wonderfully Relax, and there's not much else we need to say about that. The team are continually serving up superb graphics, and this release is no different. I particularly like this new tough girl heroine with a sleeve tattoo and a temperament that shines through despite being animated. Statistically, no complaints. Solid, fixed RTP of 96.40%, a hit frequency of just over 1 in 5, high volatility, and wins up to 20,000x bet on offer. Nothing we could take issue with, even if we tried. Whether you like the tumble series or not, it's worth giving this one a go. Read the Cluster Tumble Review
  4. Look at his face on that thumbnail 😂
  5. It's rare for the team at Play'n GO to make a grid game that doesn't offer a fantastic playing experience, and Legend of The Ice Dragon has already been added to the list of successes. Sure, it's similar to what is already out there, and I would even go as far as to say it's verging on a simple reskin (with a few minor tweaks in Freezing Features), but somehow it doesn't feel like a reskin. It is incredibly similar to Wild Frames, but something about it just feels different – although this could be because of the strong theme. Aside from feelings, statistics do vary, with the maximum win available in this release now 6,000x bet – a small decrease on the 7,000x bet of Wild Frames. That said, I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone achieve the maximum win on Wild Frames – it's just a release that's fun enough for players to be happy with any decent win, and it doesn't feel like Legend of The Ice Dragon will be much different, with the max win landing on average 1 in 5billion spins. Volatility, whilst still high at 8/10, has decreased from the previous 10/10 rating, meaning this release should in theory be a softer play. If you're into mythical settings and icy temperatures, Legend of the Ice Dragon will suit you down to the ground, whereas if you prefer glitz and glamour, you might miss the aesthetic experience of Wild Frames. However, I suspect most people will fall somewhere in the middle, just thankful to have another cluster pays release from the team that do them like no other. Read the Legend of The Ice Dragon Review
  6. Big Bass Bonanza Megaways makes a great third in the series, however was it really necessary? This question isn't just because we already have two “Big Bass” releases under our belt in the space of 11 months, but because we have a host of Fishin’ Frenzy releases also available. Judging the release on its own without consideration for similar slots available returns the opinion that this is a simple release, with the potential to offer a lot of fun. When it comes to gameplay, it’s pretty much exactly what we knew to expect – it’s all about the bonus round, which offers retriggers and upgrades as high as 10 free spins with x10 multipliers, with fish up to and including that lucrative 4,000x bet. Of course the Megaways mechanic does go a certain amount towards keeping things exciting, but this excitement could have been increased if fish symbols were to act as wilds, or if we had seen a higher amount of Megaways in our testing – remember the maximum available is 46,656 ways, not the usual 117,649 ways. RTP does vary with different settings, but with a default of 96.70%, it keeps things fair in this highly volatile release. If you enjoyed Big Bass Bonanza, we predicted you’d enjoy Bigger Bass Bonanza, and the same remains true today – if you’ve enjoyed this series so far you will inevitably relish Big Bass Bonanza Megaways. If you haven’t been convinced yet, who knows? The Megaways mechanic might be the thing to do it. Read the Big Bass Bonanza Megaways Review
  7. Nice! Will loves this one but I just can't get on board with it - I would if it gave me 1000x wins though haha
  8. Congrats @Spanish charles, @James taylor, @NewquaySarge and @Gaz Gray you’re all winners! Send a message to @Hideous with your details and he’ll post them when he’s back from Malta. *the two T-shirts we did have are now gone
  9. Hahaha Bev is my favourite. She’s right - I say the same to will!
  10. I’m hoping if there is a calendar this year I can make a cameo! It could be like where’s Wally except where’s Chloe, I’ll hide myself really small in all the images haha
  11. I suspect heavily this is demo play given the currency and the fact this is now the second time in a week you've posted a max win on this same game on a $240 bet with over $75,000 in the balance. On the off-chance it's not I'd like to ask that you rethink your gambling, particularly on such high stakes and given that you previously mentioned in the live chat that you were in the midst of a 5 year GAMSTOP as a result of a huge win. No matter your reasons for originally joining GAMSTOP, it should be honoured regardless.
  12. Alright guys the bonuses returned €2835.23 so the closest guess was @Jake with his guess of €2834, just €1.23 away! Congrats. Send @Hideous a message please and he’ll sort the voucher for you.
  13. I'll be honest and say, initially, Fat Drac took me by surprise. This is probably going to be pretty standard for every player, and for the same reason – how can we have a ‘fat' release without the fat character turning wild? The wild rabbit and wild Santa of the previous releases really were what made the series what it is for a lot of players, providing some unmatched excitement when reaching larger sizes, particularly in the ‘right' reel positions. Now, Fat Drac has changed, and is now a Reveal Symbol, revealing any pay symbol (although this can include wilds, so all hope is not lost). What is important to consider when we determine our opinion of Fat Drac is what we deem to make a ‘series'. For me, it's the mechanic, and in this instance the mechanic is a growing symbol – not a growing wild. If Fat Drac were a growing wild we'd basically have another reskin, and whilst seasonal reskins are fun enough – do they bring anything new? Not really. Fat Drac continues the core mechanic of a growing symbol, and with the Instant Prize Symbols reminiscent of Razor Shark and Jammin' Jars 2 to the left of the reels, things can really pop off inside these bubbles, if you'll excuse the pun. Of course, with Wild symbols paying 250x bet for 5 of a kind, a full screen of these across the 40 fixed win lines provided would equate to 10,000x bet – more or less exactly what we have come to expect from the previous ‘fat' releases. It is possible, but of course now rather than simply growing our symbol to the top level, we now have the added task of growing him and revealing wilds, making it feel considerably less possible. However, like with most fixed line releases the pay table is more than decent, so it's fair to imagine if you reach that top level you're probably in for a treat regardless. Add on top the potential for so many bats you'll want to call animal control, and this free spins feature can go some. If you're the type to chase the maximum win – you'll need to achieve this through the Instant Prize Symbol Feature, but if you're happy with anything up to and including that 10,000x mark, you'll not be disappointed. Statistically, there's no complaints. Highly volatile with a default RTP of 96.57% and wins up to 50,000x bet on offer, there's no reason not to give this Drac a chance. Thankfully, if you really miss the expanding wild too much to deal with, your furry friend will be waiting alongside the jolly man himself for you to return. Read the Fat Drac Review
  14. Tales of Asgard Loki’s Fortune is a simple game, but simple as it may be it can still produce wins up to 20,000x bet. Throughout the experience on demo play some nice wins did land, although an improvement could have been to add a multiplier if a second Loki Wild lands on the reels for some added excitement. Whether you're in the base game or in free spins, it's all about the mystery symbols, which are landing frequently. Loki's Mischief isn't too rare a feature, so it's not uncommon to have mystery symbols split or wilds added to the reels, but if you're in the market for a game that makes your head spin with excitement this probably won't be the one for you. There's nothing wrong with, but comparatively to other releases with a long list of base and bonus round features, it seems – tame? Maybe not in potential, but in playing experience. Statistics are decent, with high volatility – although this is high at 8/10, so just edging into that top end, and up to 100,000 ways to win. RTP as default is 96.20%, but as with all Play'n GO releases there are different settings as low as 84.20%, so it's worth checking. Overall, not a bad edition to the catalogue, but I don't expect this release to tackle the same ground the likes of Reactoonz did. Read the Tales of Asgard Loki's Fortune Review
  15. We have 4 Pirate Pays Megaways posters to give away in honour of the launch of Big Time Gaming’s new game - just comment below with your opinion on the game and we’ll pick 4 people on Sunday!
  16. Much like most other releases within the Relax catalogue, Mega Mine Nudging Ways seems deceptively simply – but don't let first impressions fool you. We've seen too many times before just how potent these releases can be, which makes their simplicity even more impressive. With this release, there's really only one feature on offer, however when considering that we're working with ‘ways to win' rather than fixed pay lines, and that Mystery Stacks can land on all reels, nudging into place, it becomes a lot clearer how this release is capable of producing wins up to 50,000x bet in size. Considering this, let's remember this is also before we examine that during free spins, our Mystery Stacks can reveal wild symbols – further elevating what is already an impressive feature. It isn't often just one feature is enough to make a game feel ‘whole', but the team have accomplished this with Nudging Ways – which hopefully means we'll see a lot more of this mechanic. On the statistical side, RTP is fair at 96.15%, made even better by a small increase to 97.0% for those capable, or willing, to try out the feature buy. With a solid range of stakes, this highly volatile release should suit both casual players and those on the hunt for more life changing kind of wins, all whilst not being difficult to follow or understand – a great addition to the Relax portfolio, and one we can really get on board with. Read the Mega Mine Nudging Ways Review
  17. 90k Yeti feels like a great follow on to the original, and a great collaboration between these two teams. Although they have worked together countless times in the past with Yggdrasil hosting 4ThePlayer's releases, 90k Yeti is the first of it's kind. The Gigablox mechanic goes a long way towards complimenting the features available, like Snowstorm and Yeti Reveal, as well as a unique mechanic like this just suiting the style of 4ThePlayer generally – slightly different than the norm, but in a great way. Free Spins feel like a huge upgrade upon the base game with the maximum 46,656 ways available throughout, and this is further enhanced by at least 1 Yeti Reveal or Giga Summon feature guaranteed. With extreme volatility, the maximum win of 90,000x bet – 10 times the potential of its predecessor and the biggest win of any Gigablox game so far– is available within every feature and every bonus round, so with stakes going as low at 0.10c, a player couldtheoretically opt to purchase 5 spins for a cost of €6, and could win €9,000 – exciting no matter what way you spin it. Whether you like the snow or not, 90k Yeti is still one to try, and one of the best releases to come from 4ThePlayer so far. Read the 90k Yeti Review 90k Yeti Gigablox will be exclusive to play from 18th October 2021 at Entain brands, including PartyCasino.
  18. Golden Fish Tank is certainly an incredibly popular release from the team at Yggdrasil – maybe it could be the feature picks, the low volatility, the chance of a full screen of wilds allowing us to ‘complete the game', or maybe we just like the bright colours, friendly characters and upbeat audios. Either way, players took to Golden Fish Tank like a fish to water, and it seems Golden Fish Tank 2 Gigablox will be no different. Features available are more or less exactly what was available in the original, which is joy to our ears – if the feature pick had been removed it just wouldn't have felt worthy of being a sequel. Rather, we have the same features now with the added excitement of Gigablox symbols up to 4×4 in size during the base game and 6×6 in size during free spins. Further to this, treasure chests can now land, to facilitate free spins, or wins up to 500x bet in size. Finally, the gamble feature does turn the excitement up slightly, but players who choose to stay away from added risk will be glad to know it's entirely optional, and it is possible to reap rewards without gambling. Statistically, things are solid – 96.0% RTP, medium to high volatility, and wins up to 5,000x bet in size (more than double the original's win cap) all go towards making Golden Fish Tank 2 Gigablox a great additional to Yggdrasil's diverse and unique catalogue. Read the Golden Fish Tank 2 Gigablox Review
  19. Bonuses returned €3,924.92 so the winner is @kevinh147 with a guess of €3935, just €10.08 away. Congrats! Contact @Hideous on here and he’ll arrange the voucher for you.
  20. Bonus Hunt tonight. In addition to our £750 Cash Giveaway at Mr Vegas which is still running, guess the return of all the bonuses listed below for a chance to win a €50 voucher. These cost €7,400: Legacy of Egypt: €3 The Sword and The Grail: €3 (4 Scatters) Raging Rex: €2 Fruit Warp: €5 (Bananas) Pink Elephants 2: €3 Fire Toad: €4 Temple Tumble Megaways: €3 HippoPop: €3 (7 Spins) PapayaPop: €3 Centurion: €3 (Wild Power Spins) Raptor: €3.75 Tome: €5 (6 Effects) Bigger Bass Bonanza: €3.60 King of Cats: €8 (Lion) Das xBoot: €4 Stream will start around 9pm (ish) and bonus opening will be 10pm. This thread will close at 9.55pm - please remember to guess for all the bonuses. Good luck!
  21. £750 Giveaway - 5 Cash Prizes on Offer This month, we're running a £750 CASH GIVEAWAY to mark the addition of a new casino to the site - Mr Vegas, part of the Videoslots group. To enter, simply sign up at Mr Vegas through the button below and make a deposit of at least £20 and wager through a minimum of £20 during the month of October. Once you have done this, reply to this thread to let us know you have signed up. Please only reply once in this thread. ANY USER REPLYING MORE THAN ONCE IN THIS THREAD WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM ENTERING THE PRIZE DRAW There are 5 cash prizes on offer: £300 £200 £100 £75 £75 This giveaway will run until 31st October 2021 at 23:59, and winners will be chosen using a random number picker during a live stream at the beginning of November based on the number of entries via this forum thread. Mr Vegas offers new, depositing players a welcome bonus of 100% up to £200. 18+ | New Players Only | £10 minimum deposit | 100% up to a maximum of £200 | The welcome offer can be activated only once | 30 calendar days to activate | 35x wagering | 60 calendar days from activation to complete wagering | The 100% bonus up to £200 will be paid out in 10% increments to your Main Account balance | Bonus balance is not payable | Any remaining bonus balance will be forfeited upon withdrawal | T&Cs Apply | BeGambleAware.org Giveaway Terms and Conditions: One prize per person Giveaway is subject to amendment Entrants must have fulfilled all requirements listed above to be eligible to claim a prize. This prize giveaway is only valid for new players who have signed up via our Mr Vegas Casino affiliate link in this forum thread or anywhere else on our website. 18+ • T&Cs Apply • Gamble Responsibly • BeGambleAware.org
  22. The features within Pirate Pays Megaways do enough to keep things moving in the right direction - Wild Compass ties into the theme well, whilst also offering the chance of full reels of wilds. Moving into free spins, and the feature choice at the beginning is reminiscent of Deal or No Deal, which has proved reasonably popular over the years. This will inevitably be heightened by the fact that all 20 options are free spin options – when this feature is triggered, players are guaranteed at least 6 free spins. Triggering the highest possible outcome of 25 spins x10 will undoubtably pay off for those lucky enough to do so, particularly when considering the multiplier continues to increment by +1 for every reaction. The enhanced round doesn't play out differently, instead giving somewhat of a head start, which is good news for players who don't trigger the enhanced bonus round – the potential remains the same, should you then be lucky enough to land one of the top 10 options. Of course, on the other side of this coin players may be disappointed to trigger the Enhanced round and receive a lower free spin feature than in their regular bonus. As with all BTG releases, Pirate Pays Megaways is statistically solid – RTP is a nice 96.23%, volatility is high, and wins in excess of 100,000x bet are available. Read the Pirate Pays Megaways Review
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