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  1. Batters61

    MonkeyPop Goes Big!

    MonkeyPop AvatarUX 20p Stake 701x
  2. Batters61

    Monkey Pop

    700x win. Only 20p but still happy.
  3. Temple Tumble Megaways Relax Gaming 20p Stake 485x
  4. Batters61

    Stargate Big Win!

    Stargate Megaways SG Digital 20p Stake 394x
  5. Followed my Stargate win with a 485x on Temple Tumble....makes a change for me.
  6. I got this from a playojo free Sunday twister that gave me £2. I used that on temple tumble to get to £20, then put that on shadow order and got to around £30. Popped on to Stargate and got the balance up to £100. Not bad for zero actual investment.
  7. I would spend the 60 second repeatedly telling Will not to pay Goonies as it's a terrible game.
  8. What a great game that is, I like a cascade type game and this one seems really good. I help that I had two biggish wins, £75 and £100 ish for a 20p stake. Its good fun, would like to to see it as part of a bonus hunt.
  9. I reckon at least £23,657.76
  10. Hot Spin Megaways iSoftBet 20p Stake 1,194x
  11. Nice 1194x win. 😁
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