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  1. DHV - £324 MM - £98 WWB - £145 RRW - £236 POT - £465 already hold an account
  2. Big Bamboo Push Gaming 10p Stake 404x
  3. I'm currently having a similar issue with a different site regarding a withdrawal to a Natwest account, this is what I got told, "In regards to your user account, unfortunately your recent withdrawal request has been declined by your bank, the funds have been returned back to your account and re requested" They then asked for, • Name as it shows on your bank account • Name of bank • IBAN number • BIC/Swift number. Hopefully this isn't a long term issue!
  4. Signed up and played through the deposit!
  5. Signed up at Temple Nile. I fly out to NYC on the 11th of April for my honeymoon, so a cheeky win here would be a cherry on top of a good week! 😀
  6. Signed up to Spinrider and wagered through the £20 🙂
  7. Ryan1298

    Gems Bonanza Goes Huge

    Gems Bonanza Pragmatic Play 40p Stake 702x
  8. Managed to hit this win walking home at 6am after a Xmas night out in Exeter! Defintely paid for my evening out!!
  9. I defintely was! I had to stop spinning and just take it in for a second! I know Will was talking today about how to a game a dead spin is just a dead spin and the randomness of it all but someone had a chuckle to themselves when the added this spin in to the mix!
  10. I've got a feeling that was a bit of a brutal session, gonna say £2967 starting.
  11. Go nuts for Donuts Not a big win again but it's something at least. Ryan Devon CasinoPlanet 252X
  12. Ryan, Devon, 62x hit was on the 2nd of November, at 01:36 (proof available if needed) and the casino was Pokerstars.
  13. It's the kind of win that made me wish I wasn't just on a 10p stake 🙈🙈
  14. I did gamble, luckily both gambles won first time! It was tough but I had a good feeling, not being able to bonus buy makes those lost gambles so much more annoying. I have had 4 lost first gambles in a row previously so I'm glad this one paid off.
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