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  1. Another lovely nanza bonus 550 X. Got a retrigger so 17 spins.
  2. Next bonus landed quick. 300 X on bigger bass. Might be my best bonus on any of the bass that are big games. Great session tonight.
  3. Not the biggest win I have ever had but a bloody good Hit for this game. Took a couple of hundred spins to land but only cost a fiver.
  4. Raisin bollok

    Bonanza Goes Off!

    Bonanza Big Time Gaming 20p Stake 358x
  5. Chocolates Big Time Gaming 10p Stake 386x
  6. Just had 2 bonuses on bonanza 100 X then a few mins later another 350 X. Every game seems to be wagering well and bonusing for no cost. Slots are great sometimes.
  7. Great session either side of last night's stream. First Chocolates bonus landed after 15 spins and next 22 spins. I did have another quickish one for 100 X and a 350 X on legacy of dead first spin which retriggered twice. Forgot to screenshot legacy and can't be arsed looking through my gaming history but I got Kings ,Jason Lee and horseface doghead as my symbols. Only played 10p stake but I had a brilliant time and made some decent wedge #withdrawal 😎
  8. Having a nice run on mr vegas. Built up from a £25 deposit. Now at £248. Had a 386 X on 12 vindicators then got 5 scatters a few spins later. Took 17 feds for over 100 X. Didn't screenshot the first bonus .Over 40 quid profit on 10p. I do like it when it does back to back boners. I think the last time I got a back to back boner in my pants was 2014. Once its done its job its over for the day. Its had a good life tho. Any ladies reading this I apologise.
  9. Beef Lightning Big Time Gaming 10p Stake 559x
  10. Landed in 11 spins. Got the Blue rosette on the 3rd spin . Then it didn't really do much but decent enough anyway.
  11. Good start this morning. 2 fairly quick bonuses on 2 different sites. First was 12 pickles for 100 X and then had a 380 X on 12 vindicators . 11th spin paid 230 X with 3 characters and a double V. Anything over 200 X on vindicators is pretty rare. I also won a £25 tesco voucher from Irish spins which was a pleasant surprise . Its a voucher and I will take it. 😀
  12. Sorry for going on again but I get like this sometimes and I need to speak. I wanted to add a bit more about the Mr vegas thing . I had put 25 pure cash on. No bonus or anything and I had been playing quite a few games and my balance was up and down but I got a tenner up and thought I might just withdraw. This is when it told me I couldn't and I would have to verify . Had a look what was required . The copy of bank statement is what got me wound up. Then I was thinking to myself I would rather lose the money than send them in. So I kind of tried to lose my money and it backfired a bit. Had a 335 X win on karen maneater with 4 scatters 20p . Now I have 100 quid. Typical lol. This got me thinking maybe slots aren't for me anymore. I have a real issue with these checks. To me it's the equivalent of walking down the street with my dangger out. Not sure I want any part of it anymore if that's what it's come to. Could someone answer me that if I refuse to send this in will they just bump me of my money. What is my legal standing in this and some advice would be great.
  13. Pretty decent 5 scatter. Took 17 feds. One big spin did it . Top symbol with 2 wild reels for 55 quid. Over 300 X on 20p . Landed early a few spins after game crashed.
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