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  1. Short story as the money is now in my account I seen some worrying reviews but they have been fast and fantastic with me I’m off to have a beer I don’t even mind it’s early 🍺👍🙌🙌
  2. Just a quick one I deposited £300 to me vegas played BTG golden catch got the feature last spin £500 fish 10x boat total pay on £1 £5.7k 🙌 mr vegas paid £5k to my account within 10mins got £800 to play about now was so happy as this is my biggest x win ever I then go to live casino xxtreame lightning roulette putting £4 on numbers few little wins but only the 20x anyway I put a few more pound on the 8-11 section have £9 on 8 and it hit 1000x so had £9k could not believe it 😱 mr vegas are now doing a manual withdrawal of 8k and I’m waiting patiently but always scared of them as I have seen some bad reviews and nightmares. Just thought I would share this experience on here to let you all know how it pans out with mr vegas.
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