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  1. Lucky few presses indeed! Pro raise!
  2. 2Jags

    Thank you Bongy B

    Imagine my surprise when I opened this package today. Bongy B has very kindly sent Will, Chloe, our number 1 mod, and myself our own Hideous Slots water bottles and chocolate! Thanks very much Bongy! The big question is, who is our number one mod?
  3. 2Jags

    T-Shirt Ideas

    Ha! I like it DJ and James, it would certainly turn heads. It’s not in the standard printing area though but I’m sure it would be possible to get them done. If we do get them, I’ll make sure the first two go to you guys to trial them out.
  4. Hi John - The kids are keeping me busy, they’re off school for another 3 weeks so we’re doing as much as we can. I hope the lockdown doesn’t last too long for you, not being allowed out even to exercise is rather strict.
  5. Great win Charlie - Lil Devil has really sorted you out given your previous huge wins too.
  6. I must admit, I’ve found myself a little lost without watching Will on a Friday. I’ve had to resort to playing some slots myself!
  7. A mix of both sounds like a good idea, give the streak a chance to continue but still trying to walk away with something.
  8. So we have a balance of 19K left from last nights stream, but this needs to be wagered out. What do you think the best approach would be? Go low volatile slots and try and get through wagering as cheaply as possible, or see if this lucky streak continues and go for high volatility slots and actually try to get the balance higher?
  9. So last night we had our best ever run on slots, and managed to catch it live on stream! From a £1000 cash match deposit, we got up to almost 20K, and stopped gambling with a balance of around 19K. What’s been your best ever run, and did you manage to keep the winnings or has it all gone back?
  10. Great hit! I’m guessing you can see why Mystery Museum has been my go to slot for the last few months. I’m not sure quite what they’ve done with the profile, but it certainly feels like it can check something epic at you at any point. That said, I’ve not had any 1000x plus wins recently, but I’m still trying!
  11. Nice win jsl, I’ve not played Honey Rush for a while. I must give it another bash.
  12. Good result mate - it’s so satisfying to beat the wagering. You just need a few decent hits to carry you through which you clearly got. Well done!
  13. What a hit! Tbh I didn’t expect to ever see the silver or gold, so thanks for sharing 👍
  14. Ha, brilliant! Great work! I wouldn’t have a clue how to make anything like that 👏👏
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