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  1. i like the pick n mix one cus of the choices
  2. Well i watched all the video so i know how much you won and im gonna go back and watch it again hoping it has changed so my guess is 6 billion spicy euros 🤪
  3. Jammin jars is the classic , joker troupe is just insane when it goes off it makes my head spin but overall i think its wild swarm for me
  4. 2823 different idea for a guessing comp , i like it
  5. Iron bank is a great game but i do like the different concept of snake arena . Good luck everyone
  6. New one , Alive megaways please Will
  7. Something a little different that i haven't seen for a while , could you try some snakes and ladders please Will
  8. bongyb

    Thank you Bongy B

    No Probs pal , thanks for all the entertainment all of you have given me over the last few years 👍
  9. 200 hope its more but judging this on the bonus's the other day lol
  10. Get well soon pal , hopefully see you tomorrow only if your feeling up to it tho
  11. hi, try a bit of rainbow riches megaways this week please will , good luck
  12. 1131 , and if i win i want you to do something special with the £
  13. hot spin megas please Will 👍
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