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  1. Hammerfall Play'n GO 0.80 CAD 1,504x
  2. and 6 scatter triggers on buffalo king also doesn't pay 😂 Didn't catch the buffalo king one at the end but it paid 150x plus the 100x trigger 😄
  3. As soon as it happened I was like "Boy I'm glad this didn't happen to Will on stream" and I remembered this section 🤣
  4. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING hit on this spin. It was 75x and 50xs all over the board and I was gutted.
  5. Haha no it's still relevant, just more interested on what made people try games they'd normally look at and go "oof'
  6. I know I am the absolute queen of games no one plays, I dig for those awful gems to turn your stomach on stream when I get will to play them. But that got me to thinking, what games would you not touch if you had not seen a huge win? I think Helios fury definitely is up there for me, that game plays a bit weird.
  7. I like how everything smells like winter, and everyone knows what that smell is.
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