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  1. Lollipop AvatarUX CAD 1 Stake 2,200x
  2. Gigantoonz Play'n GO CAD 1.20 Stake 2,127x
  3. My first one ever what the heck!! had a ton of those 100$ candies!
  4. It's so hard to catch the big win screen on this because as soon as you click it counting up, it disappears.
  5. Fat Banker Push Gaming CAD 1 stake 898x
  6. I agree, It's insane. I've just seen it happen to a few channels before it was supposed to be sorted.
  7. No I mean the "type giveaway in the chat" I thought they'd stop doing this but there was an entire month where both twitch and youtube would automod a channel if the same word was being flooded in the chat by too many accounts.
  8. I had him at 7x and he stayed in the top left corner on a 4x4 for like 5 or more spins! Nothing made it past reel 5 and it paid HUGE. mo st
  9. omg that link chloe 🤣
  10. Youtube and Twitch now have auto things where if your chat is getting flooded with the same word it will shut it down.
  11. Youtube and twitch got this stupid rule where if a stream has a constant flooding of the same word they'll temporarily suspend you
  12. Space Miners Relax Gaming CAD 1 Stake 1,393x
  13. Moon Princess 100 Play'n GO CAD 0.80 Stake 1,371x
  14. KawaiiEconomics

    Big Mamba Win!

    Black Mamba Play'n GO CAD 1.20 Stake 294x
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