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  1. Fortune Llama Fantasma Games $1 Stake 364x
  2. This game is very hard to bonus but if you build up the multiplier heart stopper type thing it does pay pretty good on average!
  3. Forge of Gems Play'n GO CAD 0.80 Stake 475x
  4. Finally this game pays me, it's been awhile of 5 scatter curses hahaha F
  5. Reapers Print Studios $1 Stake 412x
  6. I have gotten some good wins on this but first time I got the bonus!!
  7. Of Course, you have excellent taste.
  8. Napoleon vs Rabbits Blue Guru Games $1 Stake 399x
  9. Gigantoonz Play'n GO CAD 0.80 Stake 2,014x
  10. Very lucky first bonus on this !
  11. Will needs to play it more, Screw the haters! It's the best!
  12. Without fail, every time I get 5 scatters....16x.
  13. Nice! I can't make this game do anything haha
  14. Moon Princess 100 Play'n GO CAD 0.80 Stake 805x
  15. Finally a decent bonus on this game, my best prior was all from a grid clear!
  16. Lollipop AvatarUX CAD 1 Stake 2,200x
  17. Gigantoonz Play'n GO CAD 1.20 Stake 2,127x
  18. My first one ever what the heck!! had a ton of those 100$ candies!
  19. It's so hard to catch the big win screen on this because as soon as you click it counting up, it disappears.
  20. Fat Banker Push Gaming CAD 1 stake 898x
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