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  1. Got the bonus with the 25...it was OKAY but i've had better without it haha
  2. tilted to heck but i got it hahaha now to try and get the bonus...
  3. I was ONE off the 25 Purple star collect when the feature triggered (wipes out all your stars) In Candy tower if you trigger the bonus with 25 purple stars, you get 3-10 cash prizes PER free game and the cash prizes go up to x888 Each candy has to be leveled up a certain amount, and you get a feature in the bonus and the purple one is THE feature I'm so mad
  4. Gigantoonz Play'n GO CAD 1.20 Stake 3,305x
  5. Candy Tower Habanero CAD 1.50 Stake 830x
  6. Didn't catch my 3000x but I did catch this one today! All pinks 😮
  7. I picked up a few more horseshoes this week 🤣
  8. Whoever made this game needs more help than I do. de
  9. I missed the win screen because I was freaking out
  10. Nitropolis 3 Elk Studios CAD 0.80 Stake 965x
  11. My only big win on that game was a base game hit haha
  12. When I'm playing Pacific Gold this guy keeps screaming and I'm like dude I get it you're lost on an island but I'm trying to win here. Can you keep your suffering down? Thanks.
  13. 3 Scatter Buy, compared to my 5 scatter bonus holy craps
  14. Moon Princess 100 Play'n GO CAD 0.80 Stake 417x
  15. Forge of Gems Play'n GO CAD 1 Stake 352x
  16. I got the 16 drop bonus: All I needed was one nitro match.... Didn't get it but still over 150x at the end ;_________;
  17. Yeah big change from the first one honestly. I like it.
  18. 1.00 Stake Happy bday to me!
  19. Holy crap the grid clear MULTIPLIES and then it went into the trinity 😱
  20. Hammerfall Play'n GO 0.80 CAD 1,504x
  21. and 6 scatter triggers on buffalo king also doesn't pay 😂 Didn't catch the buffalo king one at the end but it paid 150x plus the 100x trigger 😄
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