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  1. My favourite thing about winter is reflection on the year gone by that even through the tough times you’ve made it 🙂
  2. I mean it could be anything after last night so €12,389
  3. Iron Bank is always a nerve wracking fun experience
  4. I’ve a bad feeling about these bonus openings hope I’m wrong 😑 £816
  5. Getting my Wednesday night hideous fix
  6. Was working so I can’t judge just seen the short demo video Will posted the other day regardless hearing Wills tones on a BGT gaming slot automatically gives it an extra spicy 🌶 favour to the slot at the end of the day it is money and I will take it
  7. Free Spin City (Leovegas) Third week in a row requesting like I said it’s not gonna make you rich but it’s just a fun game and easy to bonus
  8. Free Spin City (Leo Vegas or Video Slots)
  9. Free Spin City (Leo Vegas ) It’s the only casino I know it’s on might be on other sites never gonna become rich of the game but it’s very easy to bonus
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