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  1. gaygus91


    Thank u again for a great night from myself and my cat xx
  2. Razor shark xx and wild swarm
  3. 444 .44 back got new phone but no youtube so wont be chat for 3 weeks xx
  4. xmas-money-sorted-then-dont-put-it-all-back
  5. 4hundred-97pounds-and-72p======={497.72p)euros
  6. hurclus high and mighty bonus buy 1 go 50 pounds
  7. eye of hours normal 3 pounds spins ty dude and gl
  8. gaygus91

    sorry WILL

    im sorry must be getting old sunday yesterday ??>> slots sunday where was WILL 7pm
  9. gaygus91

    sorry WILL

    how do u know if ur getting old ???? i was watching one of WILL new video then someone else came on so i clicked back but WILL was 5 video back i fell asleep watching WILL
  10. whats everyone plans for xmas and have u asked santa yet what we all wont hahahahaha 😅
  11. bufflo rising meg bonus buy 20p stake 2 1
  12. dont be horrible the rabbit cant help it he looks normal to me what ever normal is no fat shamming pleases
  13. just seen ur new vid i like the way u turned wild flower on to pay out off live stream why not turn it on when live hahahahaha what a win dude
  14. gaygus91


    hi and bye
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