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  1. Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways Stakelogic 20p Stake 3,358x
  2. Got a massive win on a candyways megaways 2 I didn't think I every would made up just in time for my birthday
  3. I carnt get on twitch as cannot log in gd luck will wish I cud watch but I cannot sorry x
  4. Yes sumone must have reported the channel will is Gona be fuming because he's had to rebuild the channel before and looks like he mite have to do it Agen x
  5. Sorry will but the account on u tube has been suspended due to violating there community guidelines apparently I bet ure so mad especially when ure so close to 20k followers and doing a 50k special
  6. Ok I guess 576 for first 340 for second 250 for third 96 for fourth And 105 for last bonuses
  7. Done mr play thanks hideous family x
  8. Ive signed up to party so can u add me to the giveaway please x
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