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  1. But a 3rd place finish for the season so delighted along with 2 manager of the months during the year and runner up in the hideous slots cup p
  2. The last month of the season and a 9th place finish for May
  3. I don't really play any more but I find the most exciting to watch bonuses on are wild swarm, monopoly megaways, lil devil and gorilla gold megaways. Probably missing a pile but that's the ones that came to mind
  4. "Catch em Derry" - always makes me laugh as that's where am from
  5. Sticky Mystery - 78x Stacked Wilds - 127x Coin Collection - 66x
  6. Has to be Pop - very underrated and size medium to large
  7. Good luck and sure if your not in ye canny win
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