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  1. Net Gains Relax Gaming 20p Stake 858x
  2. Money Train Relax Gaming €0.20 Stake 5,638x
  3. Net Gains Relax Gaming 40p Stake 940x
  4. Net Gains Relax Gaming 24p Stake 6,081x
  5. Monty burns

    Massive Hex Win!

    Hex Relax Gaming 10p Stake 1,645x
  6. Beast Mode Relax Gaming 30p Stake 589x
  7. Banana Town Relax Gaming 50p Stake 431x
  8. Banana Town Relax Gaming €1 Stake 2,208x
  9. Banana Town Relax Gaming 30p Stake 288x
  10. Beast Mode Relax Gaming 20p Stake 383x
  11. Space Miners Relax Gaming CAD 1 Stake 1,393x
  12. Santa's Stack Relax Gaming 10p Stake 4,006x
  13. Temple Tumble Megaways Relax Gaming 20p Stake 1,889x
  14. Temple Tumble Megaways Relax Gaming 20p Stake 485x
  15. Pacman0089

    Santa Goes Huge!

    Santa's Stack Relax Gaming 20p Stake 1,542x
  16. Marching Legions Relax Gaming 20p Stake 1,532x
  17. jsl2000

    Plunderland Goes Huge

    Plunderland Relax Gaming 10p Stake 881x
  18. TavernMasterAndy

    Hex Huge Win

    Hex Relax Gaming 20p Stake 437x
  19. Shmee83

    Hellcatraz Huge Win

    Hellcatraz Relax Gaming 50p Stake 579x
  20. Cluster Tumble Relax Gaming 80p Stake 1,281x
  21. Money Train 2 Relax Gaming 50p Stake 561x
  22. Money Train 2 Relax Gaming 20p Stake 192x
  23. Holadollar

    Helios Does it Again!

    Helios Fury Relax Gaming 50p Stake 744x
  24. Money Train 2 Relax Gaming 10p Stake 8,748x
  25. Ryan1298


    Iron Bank Relax Gaming 10p Stake 2,000x
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