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Rick and morty appreciation thread

Raisin bollok

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I thought i would start this thread because its just the best game. Not too easy but not ultra difficult This is a place where people can post their best Rick and morty moments. Hope you don't mind Will and Chloe . I will probably be the only one posting in here but I don't care. I will start the ball rolling with this nice 400 X on 12 pickles I had literally minutes ago. I love this game . I dream of me and kylie playing it together.


Also here is 6 scatters I have only had once . They all just span in . Bing bong bang bung beng beeeng 😃


Some pictures of freak spins and big wins would be great.

Some from people other than me would be really great. 

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  Here are some of my best wins on Rick and morty. I had a couple of others around the 1000x mark. The 212 was on federation spins but all my others have been pickles . Hopefully one day can get a 2000 x. Must be so rare. Also has anyone had 7 scatters. I saw one on YouTube but not sure if it was real.I think it was a promo. Would really love to see other members big wins posted. One of you must have something massive 🤔Screenshot_20211001-194339_Chrome.jpg.1a67f3d09bb8611fe3553aab8bacdfd9.jpgScreenshot_20210916-205129_Chrome.jpg.3e822a0e0daefaf895293bc4b66e0ae6.jpgScreenshot_20210804-110501_Chrome.jpg.b490e7c724110dfb450718377fc41598.jpg

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Here are some of my best vindicator spins i managed to screenshot.  I have had the top character symbol 7 or 8 times now but only once with a double V ( see pic below). I had a little spell where I got her out 4 times in a couple of days . Also had the quad V's a few times . Vindicators is probably my fav bonus but I know a lot of people dislike it. I have found it the most consistent payer but nothing over 750 X so far . A good steady bonus but if you want to win big the other 2 are better. 



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Just had a lovely run on Rick and morty tonight. 4 bonuses .

First bonus on lottomart finished 4 quid down. 12 pickles 11 quid

Switched to Mr play  2nd bonus 26 quid profit 12 vindicators

Back to lottomart 2 back to back bonuses .

3rd bonus 35 quid 12 pickles and 5 extra spins

4th bonus a  few spins later 12 feds about 6 quid

Nearly 65 quid up on 10p . I love this game . I didnt screenshot all of them but have added a couple of pics.  Had a 4 way (lol) on vindicators tooScreenshot_20211204-231439_Chrome.jpg.14868d8ab986dd2105f9f4f85baa2e56.jpgScreenshot_20211205-003009_Chrome.jpg.9023b129c8f2165d453196d5137c9844.jpgScreenshot_20211205-002422_Chrome.jpg.3c5c12bf7133431f69fca996dbac440b.jpg




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. Max megaways hit of 33 quid and 4 scatters dropped in . Took mystery 10 fed spins about 45 quid so just under 80 quid. Before the bonus hit the base game was terrible.  Took a tenner off me really quick and I was about to turn it off but decided to do a few more spins.  So glad I did. 

I took a 200 % bonus with a 20 deposit and have less than 400 left to wager now. Its amazing how quick things change on the slots. Hope to get a cashout.  The last couple of days I have struggled with wagering so might leave this for a day or 2 if I can.  This game has been poor for 2 weeks. Most days won't bonus and  paying crap when it does. It does have bad spells like this so have to wait it out. 


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Been playing well on 10p and bonusing quickly several times but I switched up to 20p when things slowed down and had a nice 50x base game hit a few spins in followed by a brilliant bonus. Took 12 vindi and first spin the top character lands for 20 quid . Then a load of dead spins but another couple of amazing spins before it finished . Over 100 quid up for a handful of spins. 




Also the big win board came up and I am on it twice. Can someone explain what this is. I mean is it just covering  UK or the casino I am playing on . Surely I cant be ranked that high in the history of all time. Would really like to know what this actually means cheers. The bonus i just got was the 40th position . The other I am assuming is a 750 x I had on 10p .




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Got 1st bonus 20 ish spins in took 12 vindi for 240 X then got 5 scatters 2 spins later . Took the 17 pickles and got 2 retriggers so 27 spins. 600 X but I am a little disappointed considering the 5th spin paid 450 X. Dead spun me out pretty much . Its another early withdrawal for the bollok tho . 

Added a nice 120 X vindi spin below too. Screenshot_20220123-172235_Chrome.jpg.dfa7bad799e1ef41d4985cf57de4c83a.jpg


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