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Hey Mo

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7 minutes ago, johnboyroddy said:

@Hey Mo is there an update this month as no games left to play in the game month and it's only 2 responses and no one form the top 4 and am down in 31st with 112 points 

Hi John

I Will Leave It Open Untill the Last Day of the Month to See If Anyone Else Puts Their September Monthly Score In.

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On 9/18/2022 at 6:01 PM, adwick37 said:

273 points this game month got to be winning I have gone from 70th place to 2nd ???

Hi Scott , If You Click On the Select Phase In the Fantasy League It Will Give You the Total Points for a Game Month.

You Were 5th In September With a Total Of 132 Points for the Month 👍

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Hideous Slots Community

Select phase:
Last updated: Sun 30 Oct 19:14 (local time)
Rank Team & Manager GW TOT
Garlic Crunchers
Jean-Marc Secouet
35 441
Steven Johns
24 419
Major League Saka
Colin Davis
18 394
Pain In Dias
Daniel Nichols
15 393
Steven Ewens
24 391
tom traas
15 389
Jordan Longshaw
19 38
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10 hours ago, Hey Mo said:

Thats November's Fantasy Football Over.

Fantasy Football Will Continue After the World Cup On Boxing Day Monday 26th December and You Can Now Make Unlimited Transfers.

Time To Get Your November Points Total In Below  👍

Am 6th for the month on 132 in November but has moved me back to second for the overall - good month for me now to turn off FPL and enjoy the world cup - thanks @Hey Mo for organising this 

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Happy New Year Everyone 💥

Thats December's Fantasy Football Over.

Time To Get Your December Points Total In Below  👍

My Total For the Short Month of December is 161 Points , the Best I Have Done So Far 🤣

joseph jones
2 168
The Wolf Pack
Kat Rhead
2 163
lord of the ings
johnathan simonson
6 162
Mo's Clangers
Hey Mo
5 161
Shaun Ferguson
3 161
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