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Sorry for the delay on this one, but here's the Das xBoot review...

It's become pretty obvious by now that we aren't ever going to receive the same game twice in a row from the team at Nolimit City, and this seems to be exactly what is winning them such a warm reception from players. The themes they do choose to use, although extreme, are well thought out, and executed to a level that is second to none. More importantly, if you don't like a theme – you know you'll get something different the next time. In this edition, we step out of the Mental asylum, and go straight to war, in a WW2 battle aboard a submarine. With 3 of their licensed mechanics in use (xWays, xNudge and xBomb), Das xBoot still does an impressive job of not being too busy. It's almost like the team have chosen to peel back the dazzle on this one, with less happening overall, and only 2 feature buys available. And yet, even without the dazzle – it dazzles. Das xBoot is not only a great addition to a truly unique catalogue from the team, but would stand on it's own two feet as an impressive release even without the weight of the Nolimit name behind it. If you're planning on going to war for huge wins, be warned – Das xBoot is as volatile as they come (rated high [10/10]) particularly for those capable of, and brave enough to, buy the 350x bonus feature. Although considerably less extravagant than the 2,000x buy of San Quentin, results still rendered us speechless. At the lower end, we saw returns that would make us retreat and wave a white flag, but at the higher end Das xBoot can produce wins up to 55,200x bet.

Read the Das xBoot Review

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