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I'll be honest and say, initially, Fat Drac took me by surprise. This is probably going to be pretty standard for every player, and for the same reason – how can we have a ‘fat' release without the fat character turning wild? The wild rabbit and wild Santa of the previous releases really were what made the series what it is for a lot of players, providing some unmatched excitement when reaching larger sizes, particularly in the ‘right' reel positions. Now, Fat Drac has changed, and is now a Reveal Symbol, revealing any pay symbol (although this can include wilds, so all hope is not lost). What is important to consider when we determine our opinion of Fat Drac is what we deem to make a ‘series'. For me, it's the mechanic, and in this instance the mechanic is a growing symbol – not a growing wild. If Fat Drac were a growing wild we'd basically have another reskin, and whilst seasonal reskins are fun enough – do they bring anything new? Not really. Fat Drac continues the core mechanic of a growing symbol, and with the Instant Prize Symbols reminiscent of Razor Shark and Jammin' Jars 2 to the left of the reels, things can really pop off inside these bubbles, if you'll excuse the pun.

Of course, with Wild symbols paying 250x bet for 5 of a kind, a full screen of these across the 40 fixed win lines provided would equate to 10,000x bet – more or less exactly what we have come to expect from the previous ‘fat' releases. It is possible, but of course now rather than simply growing our symbol to the top level, we now have the added task of growing him and revealing wilds, making it feel considerably less possible. However, like with most fixed line releases the pay table is more than decent, so it's fair to imagine if you reach that top level you're probably in for a treat regardless. Add on top the potential for so many bats you'll want to call animal control, and this free spins feature can go some. If you're the type to chase the maximum win – you'll need to achieve this through the Instant Prize Symbol Feature, but if you're happy with anything up to and including that 10,000x mark, you'll not be disappointed. Statistically, there's no complaints. Highly volatile with a default RTP of 96.57% and wins up to 50,000x bet on offer, there's no reason not to give this Drac a chance. Thankfully, if you really miss the expanding wild too much to deal with, your furry friend will be waiting alongside the jolly man himself for you to return.

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