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BTG €100,000 Giveaway - €10,000 To Be Won This Month!


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For the sake of completion of the comp, I’m posting my best win for the week.

possibly the most expensive, least productive week of them all but that’s the life of slots we choose.

Name: Slotterette
Location: Uk
X Win: x53
Date/Time: 22/11/2021 @18:48
Casino: betfair

Thanks BTG, hideousslots and congrats to the winner.




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Thanks for the promo Hideous Slots!

Thanks for splashing the cash BTG!

Death to Donuts though - spent over £400 altogether spinning at £0.05 that week (mostly due to the game reloading and me not noticing it reset to £2.00 per spin, a couple times…)

Thanks to all participants for the competition and sportsmanship displayed - win or lose I love such things.

Cheers all❤️

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Hi everyone, 


Thanks for participating in BTG's biggest giveaway of 10,000 with Hideous Slots. We are announcing the winner a little early as me, the rep, is going on leave for the Christmas and NewYear period. 

A huge Congratulations to user POSTMANPETE from this forum who has won €10,000 for our Nov Giveaway!!!!  🥳🍾🕺

Postmanpete, please reach out to Chloe, who will provide you with my email so you can receive your prize money. 

In the meantime, the giveaway is taking a hiatus and will be back next year. Keep an eye out on our social media - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for further announcement.




- BTG Rep.



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Thanks alot, thanks @Gaz Gray aswell.

I was paid by BTG which is great! 

However ran into some problems with paypal (they use paypal to pay out). So my account was restricted right after they sent me the sum, and now with the help of BTG we are in process of trying to get my paypal account unrestricted so i could actually use the money or withdraw it to my bank account.

Will let you all know how this goes. Hopefully it gets sorted out.


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