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Hi Will,

Hope you and Chloe are well.

I have been a watcher (sounds creepy) of you for ages. No idea how long but it’s been a few years. Never talk in the live streams much but wanted to say hi. My favourite bits are the club style singing if I am honest. 
Main point I am reaching out is to point out something that I hope is pretty obvious. 
The streams you make are amazing. I genuinely ask Siri to load you up on you tube every day (loved when I found out you could do this). Seen comments on the live chat get more than a bit horrible at points and it can’t help but affect you. I call it dripping tap syndrome, you can put up with it for ages but eventually the dripping tap becomes too much to bare. 

From myself and also I imagine lots of other people I just wanted to say thank you. I understand you are a business but you are still very entertaining to me and I wouldn’t ask you to change anything. The transparency and honesty you have is brilliant. So once again thank you mate. 

Genuinely wishing you a great year with fruity slots and the new game. You deserve all the success you receive.

How do you end these? Peace out? 

Do I have a mic drop button? Damn it, no. 

side note no judging on the spelling. I am awful with that and grammar 🤓

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Thanks for your kind words!


Yes. Taking a few days off as last stream ended a bit uncomfortably. 

It’s always really heartening to think 500/600/700 people are wanting to tune in and watch. And I realise that a lot of people aren’t in the chat and are still fans of the content, or fans of the channel, or fans of both!


We have always encouraged a real mix of viewers and I think sometimes I should remember that more. Some people are there solely for the banter - remembering childhood biscuits or just chewing the fat with friends. Others are there hoping I wear a dress or slap my hands. And some are even there for the slots!

Most of the comments aren’t intended to be rude. I see the average view durations during the streams and after. Lots of people are watching for 1/2 an hour. That’s amazing - that’s a lot longer than other streamers. And they have questions, and I think I have to except that sometimes I may be asked the same question multiple times. Maybe several times a day or dozens of times a month. I think I need to stop trying to answer those questions in a way that strives to be entertaining, as clearly my sarcasm at the end of the last stream wasn’t well received. 

Further to this I do think I need to address the comments about me “looking tired”. It really just is my face. I’m 40 years old. And this particular line of questioning is difficult because it’s often phrased as concern. But if I am tired I’ll know before anyone else does. It’s not something that people need reminded of. The generous part of me wants to consider that people just forget that we are standing in front of 600 people and talk to me like a friend. “You tired? You ok?” But also - this is my work. So I really want people to stop addressing my appearance in front of everyone. We get enough trolls as it is!

But many thanks for the lovely comment. So nice to have some positive words so early in January!

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