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Steam Tower!


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You know it hasn’t been your night when Steam Tower is your first and best bonus!

Unlucky tonight Will. If it’s any consolation, it was very entertaining as always. 

Those £800 buys at the end are one way to get the heart pumping faster! Glad you “got away” with them. 

Hope some better luck comes your way soon. 

p.s. forum looks and feels great

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Something felt strange about Steam Tower when it gave such a big win on the first spin. So often it just fizzles our with nothing at all. Nice to see a "classic" slot performing well. 

As for those heart pumping San Q buys.... OMG! 😂 

Chloe said to me the other day I was just one Beefy Dick away from perfection and I now I understand what she means! 

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You’re right, it didn’t play as normal at all but can’t complain I suppose! 

Hahah beefy dick 🍆  aside, I’m sure there is a (more realistic) Will character out in the slot world. Maybe a thread needed on that!

Chip: Punk Rocker

Spintwix: Big Bass

Hideous: ? 

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