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Temple of treasures max spins

Raisin bollok

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I have tried so many times to get this but the most i have had is 10 spins with max ways. What am I doing wrong. Is there any tips/advice or am I kidding myself and it is just purely random ?. Also when you get 5 or 6 scatters  ( had 6 once) what is the best option . Its beginning to do my head in especially as I had max twice on demo out of a handful of games. Please help me someone so I can move on with my life

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4 hours ago, Raisin bollok said:

so I can move on with my life

Haha. There is no strategy - it’s a random pick, and it also doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It might be that choosing 15 Spins with 10,000 minimum ways gives you a better chance of winning big - but we can’t be sure, short of asking Blueprint, and it probably doesn’t. Whether it’s just a fun pick or whether it does affect your bonus though there’s no specific way to pick them. 

Some people take the approach to always choose the same numbers and eventually you will get it - and although there’s no strategic logic to this there is a mental advantage in that you’ll never be annoyed with your choice. I tend to think it’s better to stay away from repetition and pattern in gambling though - like people who choose the same lottery numbers every week, they’re basically tied in for life now in case those numbers come out.

I think the pick is just for fun and your bonus is probably decided when you begin the winning spin, with no effect on volatility depending on the mystery reveal. Mostly because when we had buys in the UK I bought a Buffalo Rising and got 6 scatters and picked the 27 Spins beginning at x10 multiplier and I didn’t even get my 100x back 😂😂 have had some great wins with the middle option though 

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Oh my goodness.  Just had that epic win on lil devil comp and put temple of treasures on to calm myself down a bit  I got bonus really early and just picked max spins for the first ever time.  What is going on. I am on fire. Who would like to touch me.   Havent played the bonus yet because I am in shock. Will post what I win . Thankyou for your advice Chloe. I just kept picking 3 and 2 and a few goes later it worked . Your a genius. 

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