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Live chats on you tube


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Hi all,

new to watching hideous, can anyone explain how to join live chats on YouTube. Think I may be doing something wrong as an subscribed on YouTube, have an account but unable to join chats during live events ? Do I have to be subscribed on here too ? Thanks 

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Hi - I’m sorry I didn’t see this before tonight’s stream. The only requirement to join the chat is usually to be subscribed which is a function Will turns on. If you are subscribed you should be able to chat. If the chat hasn’t opened you can open it by clicking the circled button in the screenshot below.

If it’s not working can you send me a screenshot of what you do see when Will is live? You might need to wait until Sunday when he’s live again to do it but I can check back here during Sunday night and sort it during the stream for you.

Can you also let me know your YouTube username please so I can make sure you haven’t been accidentally removed? That shouldn’t be the case though as it would usually say “the owner of this channel does not permit you to chat” or something similar.



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Ok this is really weird and is definitely a YouTube issue by the looks of things, especially since you can join the chat on your laptop just not your phone. I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but apart from that I’m not actually sure of any fixes, unless @Hideous can think of anything 

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