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Day 168 ( give or take )

Raisin bollok

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Thought I would post about some good and bad experiences with daily free spins that a lot of casinos offer. I have joined quite a few this year mainly to take advantage of the welcome offers which are in the most part excellent value . They can be a bit tedious to try and do every day but are well worth it as I have had some really good wins now and again. Some are way better than others and a stream of little wins over a period of time can give you a little pot of money that can boost a future deposit. Really good for low stakes players like myself. These are a free service supplied by the casinos so realistically you can't expect too much. I will mention a couple of the best performing later but I am going to start with the worst.  

I joined Betway earlier this year with the welcome bonus offer and did pretty good . Completed wagering with double my initial 35 deposit and had an excellent amount of playtime over 2 weeks. They also offered a daily wheel you could spin and over that 2 weeks I probably won some spins every other day. A short time later I made another deposit and lost . Nothing shocking about that and no big deal. Since around this time I have not won a single time on the prize wheel . Not even a couple of freespins. Jack poop. I find this shocking to be honest. I get they don't owe me anything but you would of thought I would have got a free dead spin here or there. It must be 5 or 6 months . I did recently contact support over this as I thought it was a bit strange considering I won on it fairly often to begin with. The guy was polite as you would expect but didn't really have an answer apart from keep trying and maybe your luck will change. My luck hasn't changed 2 months later.  Still no win. I wonder if anyone else has a similar experience. I also told the guy that this had put me off depositing which is a bit petty on my part but when I compare to other casinos daily spins i think no I will go elsewhere. Businesses harp on how important customer feedback is so there you are Betway . You got some. 

Now for some praise.

Some worthwhile mentions are ladbrokes/ party  and the gala / foxy sites. The one that stands out Miles better than all the rest though is Novibet.

A truly fantastic casino and I know lots of members will agree.  Guaranteed prize every day with a least 3 free spins on some quality games. I have had some good wins up to around £40 cash just on a couple of spins. Novibet have just updated the prize wheel and in the last couple of weeks I have won 4 x £2 free bets which is superb. Last night they sent me an extra £5 free bet just for being a customer and have on a couple of other occasions too. I won 1700 + on a £5 free horse racing bet last year on a different site so you can get really lucky on occasion.  Bearing in mind I am in slight profit on this casino and don't deposit all that often I think that is brilliant of them. They also have sent some good bonus offers recently which I have taken advantage of. A £50  100 % match deposit which resulted in withdrawal of 200 just a few weeks back. Yes I am waffling on a bit but they deserve it. A thoroughly awesome casino in my opinion.  Well done Novibet 👏 

Other casinos take note.

Had a nice surprise on party this morning on the daily free pick a world promotion . Won a 10p farmyard frenzy scratchcard which resulted in 5 bonus scratchcards with special eggs and now have a good amount of bonus money to muck around with.


I have also added below my free bet win from last year for proof that if you take advantage of the offers available you can really be successful. Daily spins are always worth doing and although in the most part are a bit rubbish you always have the chance of something special. I nearly cried when this came in and was jumping around the house like a complete tit screaming. Would have been 500 more if not for the rule 4 deduction . Who cares though right?



Would be really interested to hear about other good wins on free bets and free spins and also some bad experiences similar to mine at Betway. 😀

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