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Sorry i am posting again but I have all this stuff in my head and I need to get it out. I promise this is the last one for a while. Well .....I kinda promise. 

Just signed up on Barz ( yes Will I used your link) . I want to have a crack at final countdown today so this helps with the cost . Bonus match and 50 spins on starburst. I just used my 50 spins and have just won 20 quid extra bonus money. I had double wilds twice . Bit unusual in my experience but come to think of it everytime I do a new sign up lately I win excessive amounts on the free spins. Is this just luck . Not complaining but just seems the free spins always seem to perform really well against playing that same game on every other occasion. Ok thats me done. Sorry again

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I think it’s more noticeable to win from free spins because they’re free, especially with small, regular wins building up and no auto play in the UK now. If you were to play normally on 20p and get 10 20p wins, you’d not really notice because the balance doesn’t increase, but if you get those on free spins that’s £2, which is 10x and seems a lot more substantial. Particularly considering as well that with free spins the winnings are accumulated and awarded at the end.

I’m not sure if your free spins were on 20p, but if we assume they were then you got 50 free spins on 20p which would usually cost £10. So if that had been real money play and you had won £20 it would have been a short term RTP of 200% - double your money. It’s impressive, and not to be sniffed at, but not out of this world. Because they were free spins though, you won double that, so it seems twice as good 🙂

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