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Diamond Fruits


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Hi all ,although there was a bit of negativity about the launch of the new game Diamond Fruits and normally i dont like Cluster type games i thought it looked good for wagering,i had a fiver in my Paddy Power account so decided to play it for 20p a bonus early paid me 64x so it kept me playing for just over an hour before i lost it all, which is dam good the way the slots have been playing lately,anyway a couple of hours later i deposited a Tenner into my account to see if it played similar to my earlier attempt again at 20p well it did hit an early bonus again paid x44 and was playing okay then another bonus hit and lo and behold i ended up with 21 spins in the bonus and a x47 multiplier for a 639.75x £127.95p      so my first impression of the game is excellent for wagering and yes you can hit big wins

Diamond Fruits 127.jpg

Diamond Fruits.jpg

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Nice one mate..I put 20 through it on paddy earlier with no bonus . Got to 7 drops twice and biggest win was 6x so not the best. I did like the game to start but I got a little bored tbh. Not really my type of game . Got nearly an hours play out of it so did wager well at times.The base hits do seem very small . May give it another go not sure

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