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MrVegas locked my account


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I try to be short.

I start to play on  MrVegas 1 month ago and make few deposits and withdraw with Paypal because are instant.

On 11.11.21 one of my withdraw was missing. I received the e-mai that was approved but not the funds in my Paypal account.

After I contact support and wait 2 weeks I received this e-mail

I hope you are well

I am writing to advise you that your missing withdrawal has been returned back to your Mr Vegas account.  Can you please request the withdrawal again.”



So this time I try to withdraw just £80 from  total of £180 and surprise surprise was Denied and my account deactivated.

I ask support again and ….

“ I see that we are doing a
routine security check in your
account. To be in accordance
with our licenses and security
laws, we are obligated to do
this checks once in a while. /
cannot unlock it for you at the
moment, but we will contact
you by email as soon as the
check is done,”

My account was verified because I upload all the documents before I make a deposit


sorry for my english but I m not from here 🙂




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@angoloco I will get Will to have a look at this and see if he has any ideas, but I think Raisin is right - usually we just have to wait for this kind of thing to be finished. Im assuming it's something to do with the withdrawal being missing, but Mr Vegas are usually very quick they're the fastest in the business for verification and in the top 5 for withdrawals, so hopefully the security check will be just as fast!

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All my withdrawal was instant up until the missing one on 11.11.

Strange is that all this time I still can deposit and withdraw on Videoslots with the same details and e-mail.


The only difference is that on Videoslots my Net is on -517 and on MrVegas was on + maybe 200-300...

On my Paypal when I deposit on MrVegas the money goes to Videoslots.com.

Will see.


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I’ve just started playing and is already saying my account is blocked. Tell me why? They have asked for verifying docs and I have uploaded them. Played for a bit and wanted to withdraw but couldn’t. I don’t think it’s right. I hope they open my account so that I can withdraw. It’s says your ip has been blocked. Could someone please answer me why?

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If your IP address has been blocked it could be that you’re in a region where they don’t accept players - where do you live? Documents should be verified fairly quickly on VS or MrV - mine were always verified within about 30 mins (unless it’s the middle of the night at which point it would be the next morning). Have you contacted Live Chat also? They’ll be able to advise you better than anyone here can, we can’t help unless we know the reason your account has been locked unfortunately.

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Be careful with bot of these companies.

I have an account with one that I don't use any more because of the messing going on with the RTP.  The other related company spams me nearly everyday with sign up offers.  Having read so many complaints about both, you'd be nuts to get involved with either.

Even the affiliates are having issues getting paid by VS.  Enough said.  Money in, winners on long finger type Casinos.

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