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Millionaire is taking the peece

Raisin bollok

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I really like this game. Cant believe it is treating me like this. I never played it till yesterday as its 20p but I have been trying out 20p this week because I have a really high bonus balance and a ridiculous amount of wagering to do and not long to do it . 

First bonus  lost first gamble

2nd bonus  5 scatters 16 spins  4 quid (reeeeeaally)

3rd bonus  lost first gamble

4th bonus lost first gamble 

5th bonus lost first gamble 

6th bonus 4 scatters lost first gamble so 10 spins bonus 20 quid 100 X so better . 

Is this how this game is always gonna be . Should I just take 8 spins all the time. I keep losing on 80% + answers . Some feedback/ advice would be good.

Also big shout out to break da bank megaways. What a game . I am loving it. Nothing spectacular yet 150 X but the potential is really apparent. Highly recommended by the bollok.

Not as good as Rick and morty tho obv

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Thanks Will I am thinking about maybe gambling one then taking 8 the next time and so on. Thankfully the bonus frequency has been decent but maybe that is just luck and timing on my part. I also got my first real Bonanza bonus earlier and got money back. Really enjoying playing all the 20p games except cabin crashers which paid 12 pence 😑.

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