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Zacharia brewer

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Christmas week is here 

time to:get your last gifts and food for the big day let’s end the year on a happy note 

any bridges to mend be the first to mend those bridges 

enough loneliness and heartache in the world 

sorry is only a small word but some find it so difficult to say right or wrong it doesn’t matter 

the only thing that matters is you start 2022 knowing you ended 2021 on a mission of love forgiveness and hope 

stay safe enjoy the festivities that Christmas brings 

remember those people that have no one or anything a neighbour maybe or a stranger happy Christmas will make there day 

kindness to one and all from me to you HAPPY CHRISTMAS 

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17 hours ago, Chloe said:

@FMTT how long is some time ago? If you emailed before 20th December, send a new email - this time to [email protected] (the email you originally sent yours too does still work, but we are moving to the new email). If you emailed after 20th December, then please give it more time given Christmas/New Years.



It was the 14th December. I will send a new email as you have suggested. Thank you Chloe.


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