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Bank charges.

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I signed up to all three of the casinos in December's give away but was surprised to find that two of the three charges 2.5% on all deposits. One didn't charge at all, one charged from the outset and the third charged after the first deposit. I have never come across any of the casinos I've used thus far charging the user a commission on the money they deposit to play. I find it abhorrent and so never deposited with one of them.

Is this a common practice?

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I find this surprising - Plaza Royal T&Cs do state that they reserve the right to deduct fees, but in my experience if this is in T&Cs it's often to cover themselves rather than then charging a fee for every deposit, although I could obviously be wrong. Mr Q T&Cs state "7.4 We do not charge fees for processing deposits" and although I couldn't find anything in SpinYoo T&Cs tonight I did ask their Live Chat who confirmed that they don't deduct any deposit fees, so although I can't be sure of Plaza Royal, definitely 2/3 should not have charged a fee - at the very most it should only have been Plaza Royal. If you have made a deposit and feel you were unfairly charged you should definitely get in touch with Live Chat. All 3 of these casinos are different groups, so it's really weird that there are 3 groups now charging deposit fees, unless as gold says this is the direction it's going in for the UK nowadays.

As a side note I do have you down as an entry for the December Giveaway, for one casino. If I need to remove you, or change this to an entry for 3 sign ups could you let me know please!

Sorry you're upset about the deposit fees, but it does surprise me, especially if it was a VISA Debit deposit, with those being the most popular. 

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