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5 Months of ups and downs and only £15 down on lifetime Party account


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Thought I'd just raise the point, all this entertainment and hours playing games - Highs, Lows, Peaks and Troths and its cost me... £15. Mental. 

How is everyone else doing on this? Have I been lucky or are other people drowning in profits. 


I usually deposit £30 at a time - on big, bored days can do as much as £180 but that's the max deposit. Sit at 20-50p stakes. 


All the best and good luck people. 

Net Deposits .jpg

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Good to see you are getting value for money mate. Party is a really decent site and I would play there more if they sent me some decent offers. Deposit 50 and get 5 or 10 free spins  is about the best they send so not that appealing.

I am still doing well on the slots and have been consistently for nearly a year now since I learned how to be disciplined .  It has been difficult so far this year and the slots have been tricky recently but a short break and nice run of cashouts over the last week or so has put me well up for the month again. 10p and 20p stake with a 30 quid deposit and bonus is how I play and I don't hang about too long. If I double my deposit I withdraw straight away. Have forfeited loads of bonus money doing this but always plenty of other offers so it doesn't bother me. 

I had a terrible start when joined party and had issues with games crashing constantly and got rinsed on my first couple of deposits so I left it for a few months. When I tried again I had no more issues and have turned it round to a small profit.  

All the best to you and all the members and its exciting to think some of us are gonna have some massive spanky wins this year. Some of the wins on the forum are just incredible . 


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