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Has anyone seen January


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Hi to you all well January is nearly over no idea where it went 

I watched the big wins from last stream you did well 

sorry to hear you have been sick glad your well on the way to full recovery 

I am even more happy that 2 jags is still part of the team it would be like losing one of the 3 musketeers will Chloe 2 jags when you don’t see someone around for a while you wonder what happened 

glad he is spending time with his family hope to see him in the forum from time to time 

Well as for me life here in the Philippines is good nice warm weather (so my asthma is good hooray )

though like the rest of the world we have had lockdown ever ending spiral of things food electric gas all gone up and my medication gone up it’s about time that these people that are putting up the prices start to say why (raw material gone up expenses gone up twaddle someone somewhere is saying we lost a lot through the pandemic now we need to satisfy the stockholders)

enough of my moaning 

horseracing has been back for a while now but all betting stations are closed so you have to go to the track 3hours there longer coming home at least depending on the track could be longer I sit at home watching horse racing my selections are winning no bet well that’s the way it goes casinos too far to get to so for now make do watching will 

I started my own home business The English Chef just doing bits and pieces to keep me occupied 5 large orders in the 1st month hooray especially as only have small kitchen it’s a start 

well that’s it from me to you all have fun keep well keep safe be happy 

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