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feeling robbed


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i recently joined one of the sites off here and won £900 and thought all was well then i went to withdraw it. I then got an email saying i had broke the wagering rules and bet over £5 a spin which confused me as at no point did i go above £2 and it was mainly about 80p. took me around 8 hours to complete the wagering. i then find out that i did 2 x £2 on a slingo type game. so the intial bet was £2 but they are saying because i bought more balls for over £5 i have broke the rules and they reserve the right to not pay out and there are not. this seems incredibly harsh as the intial bet was only £2 and it was two spins out of about 8000 so they can see it was an innocent mistake. Any advice or am i wrong for thinking its harsh

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This is harsh, but unfortunately it is part of their T&Cs. I probably would avoid Slingo altogether if I was to attempt wagering, because if you buy even 3 balls at £2 per ball it totals £6 and if/when you do reach a feature it will usually say something like 'total bet: £8' which would be the initial bet plus the 3 balls. Obviously if you've completed wagering before and played Slingo then some casinos will be okay with it, but it's a bit of a grey area for me, because I'm not sure if they would regard the balls individually, or as one game round which is what it is (if you close the game your winnings so far will not add to your balance, and when you re-open it will continue where it has left off, which is indicative of it being one game round)

Regardless of what I've said above, which is just more cautionary than anything else, buying balls over £5 will definitely void the wagering whether they consider the balls separately or not. It sucks that they allowed you to continue and complete wagering before telling you, and it sucks that there was no warning popping up to remind you that in wagering you shouldn't be placing that bet, but unfortunately at the minute in the UK there is no obligation to warn players of this, and I think they just have an automated system to check rules have been adhered to once the player attempts a withdrawal.

I can speak to Will and see if he has any advice - which casino did you sign up at, what was the deposit amount, and was it the welcome bonus taken?

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it was spinrider, i deposited £50 and got £50 extra with wagering on as a welcome bonus. They have since given me £400 as a goodwill gesture but i have still launched a complaint. As the slingo was £2 a go i just did not think buying extra balls would affect it, so frustrating as i only had 2 goes. i did not know it was a slingo game at first but was trying loads of different games as the wagering took so long. I am very annoyed at myself. Thanks for replying

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