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The good run continues

Raisin bollok

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After the 4000 X on little devil a few days ago (see big wins) I didnt realise I would have to do any wagering as I thought it was cash but I was wrong. I had stuck a tenner on plaza royal and got 20 free spins on def leppers and won 14 quid. I had to wager 512 quid but it was more like 2000 . When I won on lil devil it split my balance of 450 so I could have cashed out for 230 and forfeited 220 bonus. I not a big fan of this type of wagering style as I find it takes so long to wager small amounts. It seemed to take 5p out of a 20p spin for wagering.  Lottomart and Mr play are the same. Anyway I did probably 80 % of the wagering on bonanza and had loads of bonuses including 3 in just 4 spins which was mad. I was struggling this morning and down to 330 but hit this nice 700 X and cashed out for 490 in the end. Has anyone else struggled with wagering on these sites. I have been playing solid for the last couple of days. It was really hard work 🤤. Thank feck bonanza played  so well or I would have really struggled . Everything else was poor. Massive result for me again and I can see why lots of people get addicted to Bonanza. So exciting when the bonus comes in. Here is the pick of my many bonuses. So happy and the money was in my bank within a hour or 2. Thanks BTG for sorting me out again. 


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